How to choose a wedding dress according to your body shape?

by Kremy

The wedding day should be the happiest and most memorable event in a girl’s life. The planning and preparation for this day always begins in advance and there is a lot of excitement. One of the most important moments is the purchase of a wedding dress for the bride. To look beautiful, a bride needs to choose a dress that complements her. How to choose a wedding dress according to your body shape?

How to choose a wedding dress according to your body shape

Many girls imagine and plan their dream wedding to the smallest detail. There is no doubt that the dress is important and every girl should realize her dreams! However, the dream wedding dress that looked great on the photo in the catalog may look completely different on a particular girl. That is why you need to choose the right style and silhouette that will emphasize your best features and gently hide your flaws.

How to Determine Your Body Shape?

How to Determine Your Body Shape


To begin with, it is important to determine what figure the bride has. According to a common typology, the types of figures are determined by the relationship of three points on the body – shoulders/bust, waist and hips. To determine your body shape, stand in front of a large mirror in your underwear and evaluate your body proportions. Measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Some of the most popular types of body shapes are:

  • Hourglass – shoulders and hips are about the same size with a defined waistline
  • Oval – the waist is about the same size or bigger than hips and bust.
  • Triangle or “pear” – the hips are wider than shoulders or bust.
  • Inverted triangle – shoulder or bust measurement is larger than hip measurement.
  • Rectangle – shoulder, bust and hip measurements are about the same size.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Your Body Shape and Look Gorgeous on The Big Day?

Choose a Wedding Dress According to Your Body Shape and Look Gorgeous

Finding the perfect wedding dress is the most important task of the bride. How to choose the right wedding dress? A wedding dress, no matter how much money you spend on it, is the wrong one if it hides the dignity of your figure behind layers of beautiful fabric and emphasizes minor flaws with a bold line. What does this mean? The answer is very simple – you must choose a wedding dress according to your body shape and many girls prefer the help of a custom wedding dress maker! Let’s take a closer look at how to choose a wedding dress according to your figure.

Wedding Dress for an Hourglass Body Shape

Wedding Dress for an Hourglass Body Shape

Brides with hourglass body shape are very lucky as they will look stunning in almost any style of dress. When choosing a wedding dress for an hourglass figure, the height of the bride is also important. The shorter the girl, the tighter the dress should be. Mermaid silhouette and tight fitted dresses, as well as dresses in Greek style or in Empire style will look great as they make the woman look taller. Girls of medium and tall height should pay attention to dresses with puffy skirts. You can experiment with different styles, but Mermaid, A-line or V-neck or heart-shaped neckline wedding dresses are the best choice. A bright belt or sash can accent beautifully the thin waist.

Choose a Wedding Dress for an Oval Body Shape

Choose a Wedding Dress for an Oval Body Shape

It is recommended to choose as an empire or A-line dress or a dress with a straight shape. How to accent on your best features? A V-neck with details will draw the attention upwards, as well as high waistline. Flared skirts will balance the proportions of your body shape.

Triangle or “Pear” Body Shape

choose a dress for Triangle Body Shape

The main task when choosing a dress for this type of figure is to balance the upper and lower parts of the body. You need to highlight the fragile shoulders and neck. It is best if you select an A-line wedding dress with an accent at the waist. Avoid the mermaid silhouette and straight cut dresses.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

wedding dress for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Most often, when choosing a wedding dress for this particular body shape, the goal is to turn an “inverted triangle” into an “hourglass”. This is achieved with a full skirt and corset, which make the hips appear larger and create the effect of a narrow waist.

Rectangle Body Shape

Wedding dresses for Rectangle Body Shape

Brides with rectangle body shape can choose from a variety of models in all existing styles. Experts advise to look at models with a round or V-neck, but to avoid an excessively deep neckline, shoulder pads and straight cut. A princess dress is also a good option. Dresses with low waist will look good on tall girls. If you have a small chest or you just don’t want to focus on it, choose a closed top and perhaps focus on an open back.



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