Bride Bouquet 2023: Choose THE ONE, That Will Fit Your Dress Perfectly!

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Ladies, the wedding season is finally here! As you know this is one of the most important events in a woman’s life and we tend to really get excited about it. With the excitement, however, there can be a little stress with the preparation. That is why, I am here to show you the bride bouquet 2023 trends, so you can simply choose one and ask your florist to make it. Let’s not waste any more time and dive into the magical bridal world!

Bride Bouquet 2023: Choose THE ONE, That Will Fit Your Dress Perfectly!

bride bouquet 2023 trends ideas wedding preparation

I know that you are probably thinking there are so many details to think for in a wedding that you can easily forget one. Well, better not forget the bouquet, because this is the first thing your guests see when you walk down the aisle – you and your beautiful set of flowers. Once you know the theme of your wedding, you can then easily choose the flowers that will go with it. Of course, you have to consider the type of dress you are wearing as well. We are going to give a few suggestions that I am sure you’re going to love. Let’s check them out!

Bridal Bouquet Trends 2023: The Classic

bridal bouquet trends 2023 classic roses and peony


The bouquet is considered as the main bridal accessory, so it should look absolutely stunning. The bridal bouquet should compliment effortlessly the entire look of the bride and the flowers should make the dress stand out even more. The fabric that you choose should go with the flowers. If you are going to wear a classic gown, there is nothing better than choosing a classic set of flowers – roses and peony. This combination is one of the main choices, when it comes to wedding, since the roses and peonies radiates romance and elegance. The greens you choose should be the ideal contrast shade that will compliment the white or pink flowers.

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None-traditional Colorful Bridal Bouquet

bridal bouquet trends romantic flowers wedding decoration ideas 2023

There are many brides that don’t want an all-white bouquet and wedding. The pop of color in your bouquet can be a great choice, if the theme of the wedding allows it. The dried flowers are also super romantic and super trendy in 2023. Keep in mind that this type of bouquet, usually goes with a dress that is slightly more simple. The flowers will be a great accessory that way and you will not need more jewelry. The only con here is that if you throw it to your bridesmaids, they should be careful when trying to catch it. A piece of advice that I can give you is to ask your florists to make another small bouquet that is simple. That way you can keep yours for way longer and keep the memory as well.

Boho Wedding: Bride Bouquet 2023

boho wedding bridal bouquet 2023 trends ideas

Boho weddings have become a total hit lately and the decorations there are always immaculate. If your wedding fits that theme, then this bouquet is THE ONE for you. This particular one is for the bold ladies, who are not afraid of that va va voom that this type of flowers give. The feathery design is very elegant, but fashionable. If you are planning a photoshoot like the one that is shown on the picture, don’t miss out on one of these Boho bouquets!

Tropical Wedding: Bridal Bouquets Trends 2023

tropical wedding bridal bouquet ideas trends 2023

Are you having a tropical destination wedding? Well, that’s honestly really dreamy! You and your other half on an island with the sun and the ocean, that’s what I call perfection! For a wedding like that, you are probably not wearing a princess gown. Not that there is anything bad about that, it is just the heat… If you are wearing a simple white dress, then I would recommend doing a bouquet that is entirely made with local flowers. The white Anthuriums are not that hard to find and they can be the ideal compliment to the bouquet and your dress.

Something Old, Something Borrowed and… Something Blue

bridal bouquet with blue flowers wedding decoration ideas planning trends 2023

Did you choose a color for your wedding venue? If it is blue, then this bouquet will match it perfectly. The blue flowers are not overwhelming, yet they make the bouquet extra special. This can be your “something blue”!

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Other Bride Bouquet 2023 Inspirations

romantic theme wedding flowers bridal bouquet 2023

Mini bridal bouquet made with pink peonies

mini bouquet for a wedding pink flowers peonies

Ombre wedding bouquet with peonies

ombre wedding bridal bouquet trends 2023

Bridal bouquet trends 2023: White roses

closed white roses wedding bouquet 2023

Beautiful wedding flowers with feathers

wedding bouquet flowers bridal trends 2023

Mini wedding bouquet with red roses

roses wedding flowers bouquet for brides ideas 2023

All-white wedding bouquet

white wedding bouquet flowers trends 2023

White peonies wedding bouquet 2023

peonies wedding bouquet 2023

Chic bridal bouquet 2023

chic wedding flowers bride bouquet 2023 trends

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