Milky French Manicure: The Perfect Nail Design For The Wedding Season!

by Gabby

There are a lot of trends coming up this year that are related to the classic French manicure. It is understandable, since it is the most elegant and chic nail designs that will be always in style. We already discussed the lip gloss manicure, today it is time to talk about the milky French manicure. What is it exactly? Let’s find out!

milky french manicure 2023 clean girl aesthetic nails

What is the milky French manicure?

If you are super into the clean girl aesthetic, you are going to enjoy this one! The milky French manicure is really close to the lip gloss nails, however the base is not translucent, it is rather full-coverage. It has this white undertone, instead of the classical pinky nude. It is the perfect nail design for a wedding, since it is super chic and it will really stand out and match your dress with ease. Let’s find out what are the best milky French nails in 2023!

milky french manicure spring nails 2023 clean girl lip gloss


Milky French manicure: How to adapt them in 2023?

lip gloss nails milky french manicure 2023

The shade of this milky French manicure is super attractive on its own. You can even adapt it without the French tips, if you are not into that. The style is similar to the American manicure, which mixes the white tip into the nail’s natural color for a more seamless appearance than the typical French manicure, which has kind of a distinguished tip. The milky French diffuses this appearance into a soft white, which is where the name comes from. It is perfect for any nail shape and length, but it looks especially gorgeous if you have shorter nails.

How to do the milky French manicure at home: Dip powder nails

Are you used to doing your nails at home? If yes, this is going to be a piece of cake for you! You can achieve this milky effect easily with the help of this video. The latest hit on the internet are the dip powder nails. If you are not really good with applying nail polish, the powder will make everything seem effortless. When doing French manicure, you have to make sure to clean your nail really well. For the tips, you can either draw them with white nail polish, or use the ones that are pre-made. Keep in mind that if you are going to use the dip powder method, your manicure will last longer. Now, go ahead and watch the video for a full tutorial!

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Milky French pedicure: Spring toe nail designs 2023

spring toe nail designs 2023 milky french pedicure

We often speak about the French manicure trends, but I am going to switch things up a little. The milky effect can be adapted for your Spring pedicure! If you have tan, it will highlight your skin in the most elegant way. Let me say it – you can’t wear your spring/summer shoes, if you don’t have the perfect pedicure. The pedicure makes everything look amazing!

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Ombre French manicure

ombre french manicure 2023 spring nail designs

Recently, nail experts came up with a new design that combines ombre nails and the classic French manicure. If you love the gradient ombre effect, you can forget about the French tips, and try this one instead. If you are planning a wedding this season, this manicure can be very subtle. It will look lovely with your dress. Not only that, but it is one of the most sophisticated nail designs out there at the moment. The milky white will add to the shine of the manicure.

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