Side Bangs for Women Over 50: 17 Youthful Hairstyles to Try in 2023

by Kristiyana

By the time a woman turns 50 she has achieved much in her life. She might have a big and loving family, a successful career, a house in her own name and everything else in between. As a woman of such accomplishments, you deserve to feel and look great in your own skin. But time might have some other plans for you. As we age, it is normal for our bodies to change. And unfortunately, sometimes, you might even end up looking older than you actually are. But there is a cure for that. What, you ask? Just try one of these 17 gorgeous youthful hairstyles with side bangs for women over 50! I guarantee you, each will take a few years off your age. Let’s give it a go!

Hairstyles with side bangs for women over 50

hairstyles with bangs to make you look younger

If you want to preserve your longer lengths after you have turned 50, then this youthful hairstyle is just for you! A shoulder-length haircut is easy to style and manage. Opt for messy curls to add some energy and vibrancy to your hair. A side-swept fringe will add extra charm to this look.

Sleek medium-length haircut with a side fringe

medium length hairstyles with bangs


For a sexy look after 50, opt for this gorgeous sleek medium-length haircut with a flattering side fringe. A side fringe can also help with hiding some of the wrinkles on your forehead. Perfect, right?

Salt & pepper hair with side bangs for women over 50

salt and pepper hair with side bangs

If you wish to go gray gracefully, I would advise you try the salt and pepper way. A salt and pepper hairstyle incorporates both your natural hair colour and your appearing grays. Going gray is nothing to be afraid of, but you can do it with style!

Pixie cut with choppy side bangs over 50

pixie cut with side bangs

And of course, how could we not include the ever-so-popular youthful pixie cut? A lot of celebrities choose to wear their hair in a pixie cut after they pass their 50s. And why shouldn’t they? It’s easy to maintain, stylish and can make you look younger than you actually are. Complete your pixie cut with choppy side bangs for a chic look.

Shiny platinum bob with bangs for older women

platinum bob cut with bangs for older women


Are you willing to try a short bob cut? Bob hairstyles are super versatile and can be cut and styled to flatter any woman’s facial features. For a daring look, get your bob haircut in a platinum blonde hair colour and finish the look with wispy side bangs.

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Short layered cut with messy side bangs

side bangs hairstyles for women over 50

Or maybe you want to try a stunning short hairstyle with choppy bangs like Lisa Rinna’s right here? Opt for layers to create an even more youthful and modern look.

Straight salt & pepper hair with thick side fringe

salt and pepper hairstyles

If you are a woman over 50 with fine and straight hair, some layers will do you good at creating movement and volume. What’s more, a thick side fringe can also add to the illusion of fuller hair. And it goes great with this haircut.

More hairstyles with side bangs for women over 50

shoulder length haircut with side bangs for women over 50

Sexy short asymmetrical haircut with deep side fringe

short hairstyles with bangs for older women

Side bangs for women over 50 with mid-length hair

womens hairstyles with bangs over 50

Youthful short blonde hairstyle with bangs

blonde hairstyle with side bangs for older women

Gorgeous shoulder-length haircut with thick side fringe

hairstyle for older woman with thick side fringe

Youthful short choppy platinum hair with bangs

side bangs for women over 50 hairstyles

Sassy voluminous brunette hair with side bangs

side bangs for women over 50

Short layered blonde hairstyle for women over 50

short hairstyles for women over 50

Stunning youthful layered bob with side-swept bangs

short bob with side bangs

Gorgeous medium-length hairstyle with glossy bangs

do side bangs make you look older or younger


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