Chic, Trendy and Affordable: Wedding Table Decoration Ideas on a Budget 2024!

by Stephanie Yankova

Planning a wedding on your own is not an easy gig. Renting the venue, organizing the catering, supplying tables and chairs, decorating, – it’s a lot of work that comes with a hefty price tag, and we’re not even considering the bride and groom’s attire. As much as this is your special day, you do want to make your guests feel cared for by creating a beautiful atmosphere that they can enjoy! In this article, we’re going to share with you some marvelous wedding table decoration ideas on a budget that you can easily do yourself!

minimalist wedding table decoration ideas on a budget

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas on a Budget 2024

One of the most costly aspects of the wedding decoration is the table setting, and more specifically the flower arrangements. You may be surprised to find out how far some craftiness and a little bit of imagination can take you! After all, less is more when executed with taste, and don’t forget that it’s about who you share your table with that matters the most! Now, let’s get creative and make the wedding table of your dreams come true!

How to Set a Wedding Table?

how to set the table properly guide for beginners

First and foremost, if you’re going to be setting the tables for your wedding yourself, it’s good to know the proper etiquette. Start by arranging the place mats. The first plate that you’re going to place is the dinner plate, which is the biggest one. Then, stack on top of it the salad plate, or bowl, which would be slightly smaller. On top of the salad plate, put the napkin and the printout menu, if you have one. The forks are always placed on the left side of the plates – the salad fork is on the outside, and the dinner one is on the inside. Left of the plates, we have the dinner knife, and right next to it the spoon. Right above the plate are placed horizontally the dessert utensils. Depending on the dessert you’ll be serving, consider whether you should put a spoon or a fork. Right of the dessert utensils, we have the wine glass and the water glass. On the left, there is a small bread plate and a butter knife, which is not mandatory, but useful to have.

How to Make a Centerpiece for Cheap?

diy cheap wedding table centerpiece bottle flower vases

A really simple and budget-friendly way to make centerpieces for your wedding tables is to use empty wine bottles. If you’re a wine lover, and you still have quite some time before your wedding day, whenever you buy a bottle, keep it after it’s finished, so when the time comes you’ll have a nice little collection that you can reuse as vases. If you don’t think that you’ll be able to drink that much wine before your special day, put the one you’re going to buy for the wedding in decanters and use the bottles for the floral arrangements.

DIY Place Cards

diy elegant boho inspired wedding table place cards with dried flowers

When decorating, it’s the small details that make all the difference. These stunning boho-inspired place cards can easily take the role of a centerpiece on your table. All you’re going to need to make your own is card paper, faux flowers, a paper punch, and a black marker. Watch the video below to see how you can replicate this design!


Try a Pop of Color

diy place cards blue and gold wedding table decor ideas on a budget

For those who don’t want a beige wedding, adding colorful name tags can be a fun way to spruce up your table. You can make those using colorful print or kraft paper, a ribbon in a complementary color, and a gold marker to write the names of your guests!

DIY Wedding Table Numbers

unique diy wedding table numbers idea

Do you want to add something fun and unique to your table decor that will make everyone say “WOW”? These magical illuminating table numbers will certainly get this kind of reaction! To make your own, you’re going to need:

  • Vintage decanters or jars (you can easily find them in thrift stores)
  • Battery-powered fairy lights
  • Number tags
  • Twine

Watch the video below to see thorough instructions on how to put everything together!


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White Kraft Paper Tablecloth

white kraft paper tablecloth unique wedding decoration idea on a budget

If you’ve been on the dinner dates side of TikTok recently, you’ve probably stumbled upon this trend of using kraft paper instead of a tablecloth to lay on your table and write tags for the different foods and drinks on it. This idea can be successfully implemented in a wedding setting, too. Instead of making place cards, you can write the names on the paper. You can even leave pens or colored markers for the guests to write messages for you on it and then frame them or put them in an album as memorabilia.

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Use Herbs Instead of Flowers

wedding table decoration idea with herbs

For a rustic flare, you can take a non-traditional route and instead of using flowers for your tablescape, you can place pots with herbs. This will create a warm and earthy atmosphere, which is ideal for a beach wedding. Place a few jars with tea candles around the table to enhance the intimate feeling of the decor, and you’re done!

Shop Vintage

vintage wedding table decoration idea on a budget 2024

To add some character to your table setting, go vintage shopping! It’s surprising how many great pieces you can find that will give your wedding table a unique and extravagant flare. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Play around with shapes, textures, patterns, and colors for an eclectic and modern look.

Flameless Candle Lanterns

flameless candle lanterns wedding table decor idea

If there are going to be children at the wedding, it’s good to consider any possible fire hazards. However, this shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on the romantic and intimate atmosphere of the setting! Instead of candles, you can use flameless candle lanterns. You can get them for cheap from Amazon and after the wedding, you can reuse them to decorate your porch or garden!

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