Here’s How to Cover Tan Lines for Wedding, According to Experts!

by Radost P.

How to successfully hide tan lines before your wedding? How to achieve a flawless skin so that you look your best on this special day?

How to Get Rid of Tan Lines For Wedding? Here Are Expert Tricks That Actually Work!

how to avoid tan lines for wedding

It is understandable that every bride wants to look amazing on one of the most special days in life – her wedding! What if you have spent way too much time in the sun just before this important event? How to cover those subtle tan lines?

Use a Self-Tanner

self tanner


Firstly, it is best to ensure that you have tanning gloves so that you can easily apply the self-tanner on all parts of your body, and not just the tan lines. Experts recommend using a mousse tanner out of the options available. 

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How to Cover Tan Lines With Makeup? Use a Professional Foundation!

professional foundation

Ask someone – a makeup artist or your bridesmaids, to use a beauty blender and a quality brush in order to apply a foundation of the same color onto the tan lines. Don’t forget to put setting powder and setting spray, as a final step. 

Use a Quality Bronzer

powder bronzer

In order to enhance the effect that your foundation has, you could also apply a powder bronzer over it. It is typically darker than the skin tone and will make the foundation last longer. Using a bronzer is also a good idea if the foundation feels kind of heavy.

Natural Solution – Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel

So, how exactly Aloe Vera plants can help you? By applying a natural gel all over your body, it will eliminate the redness on your skin and instantly calm it down. In this way, you can effectively get rid of those annoying tan lines. Just don’t forget to store Aloe Vera products in a fridge, in case you have bought them from a shop. 

Use a Concealer


If you aim for a full coverage, the concealer is your best friend! Again, it is important to put some setting powder and professional spray, in order to achieve the best results. Specialists advise choosing a concealer that is nearly the same or similar tone as your tan.

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Prevent Tan Lines by Wearing Sunscreen


If you are planning to spend some time by the beach before your wedding, don’t forget to take your sunscreen with you. Apply a thick layer of it over your body on a regular basis – this will protect your skin from potential sun damage and even more serious things than tan lines. 

Refrain From Wearing Strapless Dresses

strapless dress (1)

When choosing among special dresses for your wedding, it might be wise to avoid the strapless ones. The idea is to hide the tan lines, just in case they are still not completely removed by the methods mentioned above. 

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