How to Style Jelly Shoes 2023: The Ultimate Guide to The 80s Trend is Here!

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Do you think there is a trend that will never return from the past? That’s exactly what we thought about the jelly shoes we wore as little kids that made weird noises, but here they are back in fashion! How to style jelly shoes? How to wear them in Summer 2023?

How to Style Jelly Shoes 2023: The Ultimate Guide to The 80s Trend is Here!

how to style jelly shoes 2023 fashion ideas outfit inspiration

Remember these? Yeah, I’ve never thought that I would see them again, but apparently the fashion designers had another thing on their minds. These jelly shoes are a core memory from my childhood and I used to wear them all the time. Were they comfy enough for a kid? Sure! But, should we wear them now as grown-ups? Why not?! Even the celebrities like Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence have started to incorporate them into their outfits. As you know Blake is the “Beyoncé of the Red Carpet”, as her husband Ryan likes to call her. The question today is “what to wear with jelly shoes”… Let’s focus on the fashion trends and the style that you absolutely need to adapt in Summer 2023!

What to Wear with Jelly Shoes?

As it turns out, jelly shoes are versatile, and there are countless ways you can wear them. To start off, it is best to implement them into your outfits in the Spring or Summer season. They can be worn with socks as well, which can make your look edgier. But, since it is Summer time now, we have to mention that they look amazing with dresses. You can also wear them with jeans, for a casual look or with a mini skirt and white socks.

The jelly shoes have this 80s vibes, if you know how to style them correctly. As you know, they are known for being a bit “childish”, so if you want to avoid this kind of effect, try to adapt them with clothes that are more classy, grungy or elegant.

what to wear with jelly shoes 2023


How to Wear Platform Jelly Shoes?

how to wear platform jelly shoes 2023

If you’re a fan of jelly shoes, then you’ll love these platform ones! If you’re wondering how to wear them, there are two options – either be very elegant or very casual. With these shoes you will definitely stand out in the crowd and make an impression. You can also play with accessories in the same colors. This type of shoe look beautifully with crochet dresses or trousers. Just imagine walking these beauties on the beach at a party!

prada jelly shoes how to wear them summer 2023 ideas fashion style hot pink

Luxury brands like Prada, for example, also came up with their own version of the platform jelly shoes. If you want to spice things up with your Summer outfit, you will definitely have to match yellow with hot pink. As I already mentioned, with these shoes it is impossible to NOT stand out. So, you better stand out in the most fashionable ways! Bold color combos are the way to go this season!

Jelly Shoes Heels: Yay or Nay?

jelly shoes heels how to style them summer 2023

You’re probably already thinking what’s next after platform jelly shoes… Well, you know where I’m going with this after seeing the picture! There are jelly shoes with a little heel that are so cute, hardly anyone could resist them! You can easily pair them with dresses or with pants. If you want to stick to 80’s fashion, then a big polka dot dress in black and white will give you exactly the vibe you’re looking for. These silver glitter jelly shoes were made for a night out in the Summer time. If you want to make them more elegant, you can wear them with white socks.

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Jelly Shoes Summer 2023: Retro Vibes

jelly sandals summer 2023 how to style them in retro vibes

If you are planning on wearing jelly sandals in the Summer, you have to consider going ALL retro vibes! Let’s dive into the magic of the 80s and make wearing jelly shoes a real experience? How, you ask? You need a white classic shirt with big bouffant sleeves, a crotchet dress (which are a total hit right now) and of course your brand new jelly shoes! You can combine your look with some knitted bag, or maybe some retro glasses. Remember that trendy accessories make any look look more expensive.

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How to Wear Jelly Shoes in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

what to wear with jelly sandals summer 2023 outfit inspo

How to Wear a Satin Dress with Jelly Shoes in 2023?

jelly shoes with satin dress elegant summer outfit 2023

Blake Lively Jelly Shoes with a Maxi Dress Fashion Inspo

blake lively jelly shoes inspiration fashion style

Silver Jelly Shoes with Glitter and Jeans

glittere jelly sandals with jeans

Jennifer Lawrence: Summer Dress with Jelly Shoes

jennifer lawrence jelly sandals summer 2023 fashion inspo

Jelly Sandals 80s Retro Vibes Fashion Style

jelly shoes 80s fashion retro vibes

Jelly Shoes Fashion Catwalk INSPO 2023

jelly shoes fashion runway catwalk outfit inspo

Heeled Jelly Shoes with Socks: Retro Chic

heeled jelly shoes with socks

Casual Outfit Inspiration with Black Jelly Shoes

casual outfit with jelly shoes 2023

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