The Best Sandals for Your Foot Type? 10+ Models That Are Life-Changers!

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Every year I can’t wait for summer to come so I can indulge in long walks with my favorite people! It’s usually a wonderful experience, until I take my shoes off and see the huge blisters on my feet… How to prevent this and look gorgeous at the same time? Wear sandals that are right for your feet! There are different types of feet shapes and that have to be taken into consideration when you are doing your Summer shopping. What are the best sandals for your foot type? Let’s find out!

The Best Sandals for Your Foot Type? 10+ Models That Are Life-Changers!

best sandals for your foot type 2023 summer trends

As we have already mentioned, people have different types of feet and we need to be careful when selecting shoes, because when we walk we can damage our feet and posture. In the summer we undoubtedly spend more time walking around and for that we absolutely need our sandals to be suitable for ourselves.

type of foot arch best sandals to wear 2023


As you can see from the photo, there are three type of feet arch – normal, fallen and high. This means that there are also three types of feet – normal, flat and hollow. You can determine for yourself, which kind you have and take it into consideration when choosing sandals.

Best Sandals for Flat Feet

best sandals for flat feet 2023

One of the two arches of the foot the longitudinal or transverse arch dropping results in flat feet. This can be hereditary or develop later in life as a result of being overweight, wearing the wrong shoes, standing still for an extended period of time, and/or different ailments. A significant number of women choose shoes that are not appropriate for their feet, which causes strain and deformity. Wrong footwear selection causes joint and low back pain, as well as pain in the joints and leg muscles generally, especially in the calves. In contrast, shoes with a height of about 4 cm provide the necessary support where needed and support the foot. With that being said, the Birkenstock type of sandals can provide the needed comfort! Not only that, but they have become super trendy. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for your Summer sandals, there are similar models on the Internet that you can try out.

What Sandals to Wear for Hollow Feet?

Avoid wearing high heels if you have a high arch since they will strain your cushioning even more. Aim for extra cushioning and stay away from thin soles. Put on insoles that will spread the weight over more of your foot while you walk. With that being said, the fisherman sandals are the ideal choice for you! They have become very hyped up on social media, because of their trendy look and many designers have adapted their own versions. They will provide you the needed support. Don’t let their chunky look fool you, you can still match them with dresses and skirts for Summer 2023!

what sandals to wear for hollow feet fisherman trends 2023

Sandals for Normal Foot Arch to Wear in Summer 2023

black flatforms for normal feet trends 2023

From the name itself, you can assume that there are many more sandal options for normal feet. You can wear pretty much everything, which make things very easy for you. However, you still have to be very careful and start making better choices, since you don’t want to damage your posture. If we are talking about trendy and comfortable shoes, black flatforms are on the top of the category at the moment. There are different versions – lace-up, with leather straps, etc. Depending on your preferences, you can choose THE ONE for you and enjoy them!

Who Can Wear Wedge Sandals?

wedge sandals summer trends 2023 according to foot type

Wedge sandals came back with a full force this year, since they were long forgotten. But who can actually wear them according to feet type? People with normal and flat feet can wear them proudly, because they will spread their weight comfortably on the shoe cushion. People with hollow feet should avoid them at all cost, because platforms can be really damaging for your feet.

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Chunky Dad Sandals: Summer Trends 2023

chunky dad sandals summer fashion trends 2023

Chunky sandals are definitely the top hit at the moment! We can’t deny the fact that many designers have incorporated chunky sandals in their collections. We have already seen the trend with the dad sneakers, now we have the dad sandals for Summer 2023. Who can wear them according to foot type? Since they have a tiny platform, they can be worn by anyone. People with flat, hollow or normal feet can adapt them for this season without a doubt.

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Best Sandals to Wear According to Feet Type 2023

gladiator sandals for normal feet women summer trends 2023

Flat Rope Sandals to Wear in Summer 2023: Hollow and Normal Feet

rope sandals women fashion summer trends 2023

Haurache Sandals for Women 2023: Normal Feet

haurache sandals for women 2023 fashion trends

Leather Platform Sandals for Women 2023: Flat and Normal Feet

leather platform sandals for women 2023 summer trends

Kitten Heel Sandals 2023: Normal, Hollow and Flat Feet

kitten heel sandals women summer trends 2023

Hiking Sandals for Women 2023: All Feet Types

best hiking sandals for women to wear in 2023

Clog Sandals for Women 2023: Flat and Normal Feet

clog sandals for women 2023 foot type

Espadrille Sandals 2023: All Feet Types

espadrilles sandals women 2023 feet type summer

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