The TOP 10 Best Slides for Women According to Your Arch Type to Wear This Summer 2023!

by Gabby

When the summer season arrives, all women make a conscious effort to look great and wear their brightest heels. This sounds great, but after a long day at work, when we take off those same heels, a red foot appears all covered in blisters! YIKES! Don’t stress, but think about your comfort first! In the Summer, we can easily put on slides that are trendy and make us feel like we’re stepping on clouds. So, what are the top 10 best slides for women according to your arch type? Let’s find out today!

Discover The TOP 10 Best Slides for Women According to Your Arch Type

best slides for women according to foot arc type summer trends 2023

Yes, you think it takes guts to show up to work wearing slippers! Of course, if your office requires it and you have business etiquette that requires heels, you can’t wear slippers. But that doesn’t stop you in your everyday life from giving your feet a little break and figuring out which is the most comfortable model according to your foot type. That’s why I am here today! I am going to show you the foot arch types, so you can determine, which one you have. This is going to make your choices easier when it comes to picking the right slides for Summer 2023!

What Are the Foot Arch Types?

foot arch types comfortable shoes ideas slides summer 2023


There are three types of foot arches: low, medium, and high arch. From the arches, you can learn about the type of your foot. There are three types as well: flat, normal and hollow. Depending on that, you have to be really careful when choosing your shoes. Even if you want to go buy simple slides for the Summer, you have to take the foot type into consideration. If not, it could be really painful while wearing your shoes.

What Are the Puffy Slides Everyone Is Wearing?

Starting with number one from our category, these puffy babies are called cloud slides. They are ranked as the most comfortable slides for women in 2023, according to specialist that are doing research on feet arch types. People with flat and normal feet will enjoy them the most. If you have hollow feet, try finding cloud slides that would take the form of your feet.

cloud slides women arch type comfortable hollow feet

Best Women’s Slides for Wide Feet

most comfortable women slides for wide feet birkenstokcs trends 2023

Birkenstock were considered one of the ugliest shoes anyone could ever buy, but here’s what happened! They became a total hit last summer and will continue to climb the pedestal! If you have wide feet, these slides will give you the room you need and make your step proud and comfortable. You don’t have to spend that much if you don’t want to, there are many similar models you can find on the internet.

What Slides Are in Style 2023?

The slides that recently became popular among famous affordable brands like Zara and HM are the rope slides. They are ideal for the Summer season and will make you look stunning when wearing them with your beachwear. You can simply throw on a t-shirt with denim shorts and rock the rope slides, which are the ideal addition to any Summer outfit!

rope slides for normal and hollow feet comfortable women ideas


Most Comfortable Slides for Women 2023

most comfortable slides for women 2023 platform shoes arch types

Best Slides for High Arches Women’s

slides for women with high arches comfortable summer trends 2023

Most Comfortable Slides for Women Over 50

top 10 slides for women over 50 to wear in the summer 2023

Best Slides for Women With Narrow Feet to Wear This Summer 2023

best slides for women with high arches ugg leather

Best Platform Slides for Women with Normal and Flat Feet

best platform slides for women with flat and normal feet summer 2023

Best Heeled Slides for Women over 50 With Normal Feet

best heeled slides for women over 50 with normal feet

The Most Comfortable Small Heel Summer Slides for Women with Hollow Feet

best small heels slides for women with hollow and normal feet arch prada


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