Trendy Summer Sandals 2023: What Are The Must-Haves for The Season?

by Gabby

Summer is just around the corner and we have to get ready for it! How, you may ask? Of course, it is time to learn more about the fashion trends during the hottest season! It is not easy to make the transition from sneakers and booties to sandals, however we are here to help you out! Today we are going to reveal what are the trendy Summer sandals 2023. How can you wear them? Check it out!

Trendy Summer Sandals 2023: What Are The Must-Haves for The Season?

what sandals are in for summer 2023 fashion trends must haves

Are sandals still in style? You have probably already know since all of the it-girls are wearing them proudly and there are pictures all over the Internet. Sandals will be a hit in Summer 2023 with a huge range of different models that you can try out. But what are the must-haves that you should not miss out? I am here to tell you!

Trendy Summer Sandals 2023: The Wedge Is Back!

sandal trends 2023 for the summer fashion ideas


I personally didn’t think that the wedges will be back at all, but the designers are once again proving me wrong! Wedges will be one of the top trends for Summer sandals in 2023. You can see lace-up models, or metallic ones, but they are all fashionable. Wedges look good on everyone and they are the better choice if you want to feel comfortable while walking, but also add a few inches to your height.

Best Sandals Over 50: Summer Fashion Trends 2023

best sandals over 50 resort ideas fashion trends

What are the best Summer sandals for women over 50? Definitely something in a bright pink color with a micro heel. Micro heels are not only comfortable, but they came back with a full force in 2023 and are at the top of the trendy shoes category. Don’t hesitate to match them with a tiny bag in the same color. If you are wondering what shoes to wear at a resort, you have your answer right here! You can also check out the best resort wear for women over 50 for the perfect vacation!

Are Jelly Shoes In Fashion 2023?

Jelly shoes are one of the core memories of our childhood. Most of us have seen them or warn them many times now. They were first made in the 80s and now they are back! If you have checked out the resent fashion runways, many of the designers have incorporated in their collections. Some luxury brands like Miu Miu, Gucci and Celine, have come up with their own versions of the trendy jelly sandals. Why jelly sandals will make you feel like a kid again? Because they are THAT comfortable you’ll feel like you can run miles!

are jelly shoes in style 2023 summer sandal trends

Are Gladiator Sandals Still In Style 2023?

And in typical fashion, the gladiator sandals have made their way back into our wardrobes and they are expected to be one of the most popular shoes in 2023. We have seen them on the catwalks and even on the red carpets before, so you know that they come in a lot of different colors and models. The top gladiator sandals are: leather, lace-up, platforms, heels or metallic ones.

gladiator sandals summer trends 2023

Women’s Mules Heels

womens mules heels sandals summer fashion trends 2023

After we saw some of the essentials for Summer 2023 like biker shorts or baguette bags, mule heels are another must-have for the season. These are one of the coolest retro shoes out there and they can be worn with everything. You can rock a denim on denim look, put on a skirt and a t-shirt, or if you want to be more elegant – grab your favorite pants and a white shirt!

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