The Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50 – Are You Ready for Your Holiday This Summer?

by Kremy

Summer is fast approaching and we are near the holiday season. Have you planned your long-awaited vacation? I don’t know about you, but every time I need to pack my suitcase, I ask myself the same questions – what should I pack and what I will not need. Do you know the situation? Have you wondered what to take on a trip in the first place? Yes, I thought so! That is the reason why I did some research and here is the list of the best resort wear for women over 50!

What Is the Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50 and How to Dress While on Vacation?

the best resort wear for women over 50 are you ready for your holiday this summer

Let’s start with the main question – What is the best resort wear for women over 50? There is no need to explain what resort wear is as the term speaks for itself. This is your capsule wardrobe for the days away from home that you can wear on vacation. As simple as that! Summer fashion 2023 for women over 50 is so diverse, that you definitely have everything that you need in your closet already. Do you know what the best thing about resort wear is? That it is casual, comfortable, simple and pleasant to wear! The summer vacation is not a time for boring outfits, but the best time to wear bright, expressive colors. Don’t you agree? So, let’s see what should be in your packing list this summer!

Number 1 on the Resort Wear Packing List – The Swimsuit

resort wear for women over 50 packing list


Yes, we start with the swimsuit! One piece or two piece swimsuit? Well, I say – both! It is a good idea to have more than one bathing suit and change. Do you need a new swimsuit? If so, make sure the get the best swimsuit for your body shape. Nowadays the choice is huge – tankini, one piece, halter style, swim dresses, etc. Find more ideas in the links below:

Beach Cover Ups

best resort wear for women over 50 beach cover up

Whether a sarong, a robe, a dress or a kaftan, a cover up is going to be very useful if you want to have a drink at a beach bar, sit at a café or have lunch by the pool.

Summer Dresses and Skirts

summer dresses and skirts for women over 50 resort wear

Light, loose dresses and sundresses made of natural fabric can be long or short, in white, pastel colors or with bright patterns. It all depends on your preferences. T-shirt dresses and shirt dresses are also a great choice for the holidays. If you add sunglasses and flip-flops – your outfit is ready.

resort wear for women over 50 summer outfits for women 2023 maxi skirts

Choose a dress that’s great for daytime outings to wear with sneakers that can easily be transformed into an evening dress for dining in a restaurant. Maxi dresses are trendy this year, as well as maxi skirts. Pleats are also super trendy.

The Best Resort Wear for Women Over 50 – Trendy Pants

the best resort wear for women over 50 trendy pants

What are 2023 trendy pants for women over 50? For a casual summer outfit you can count on wide leg pants which are great for wearing while sightseeing, having a stroll, etc. Do you have a pair of white jeans? Then put them on the list as they are very fashionable! If you are bored with jeans, opt for a pair of lightweight capri pants.

Shorts, Tops and T-Shirts

casual outfits for women oer 50 shorts resort wear ideas

Shorts are a must-have for the summer and especially when you go on a holiday! They are universal and can be paired with t-shirts, tops, tunics, blouses, etc. Choose loose blouses and tops that will keep you cool in hot weather and that you can wear with shorts, pants and skirts. In this way you will be able to style different outfits for any occasion.

Light Summer Jacket

resort wear for women over 50 light jacket bolero

A light summer jacket, bolero, scarf or sweater is a necessary thing in any trip. Nights by the sea can be cool, so take something warmer.

What Shoes to Pack for Your Summer Vacation?

what shoes to pack for your summer vacation

Flip flops are a must. Sandals, ballet flats or sneakers will be a good choice for walks. Wedge sandals are perfect for going to a restaurant and suitable for different styles of clothing. You can pair wedge sandals with just about anything – pants, skirt, dress, even shorts.

A Beach Hat

resort wear for women over 50 a hat

With a straw hat, you not only protect yourself from the sun, but also ensure that you look chic. In addition, the hat is essential for protecting your skin and hair from the UV rays.


the best resort wear for women over 50 beach accessories

On the first place you need sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from the UV rays of the scorching sun. What else should be included in the resort wear for women over 50?

  • A beach tote bag and a hand bag;
  • Sunscreen;
  • A small first-aid kit with medicines;
  • An umbrella in case of rain;

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