How to Wear a Pleated Skirt Over 50: 25+ Awesome Summer Outfits Ideas for Every Occasion

by Kremy

The most colorful and vibrant time of year is fast approaching. The days are getting longer and the good weather invites you to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also time to take our skirts out of the closet and give them a new life. Believe it or not, pleated skirts are timeless and very versatile clothing that knows no age or style. How to wear a pleated skirt over 50? With these summer outfits you will look stunning!

Summer Fashion Trends: How to Wear a Pleated Skirt Over 50?

how to wear a pleated skirt over 50 the best summer outfits ideas for every occasion

These elegant and extremely comfortable skirts are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s the office, going out with friends for lunch or dinner, even as a guest of wedding outfit. How to combine a pleated skirt like an expert? We shall give you the best ideas for daytime looks, casual chic outfits and evening looks that will make you look your best!

Who Should Wear Pleated Skirts?

who should wear pleated skirts fashion trends women over 50


The short answer to this question is – everyone. They are flattering to women of all ages with almost every type of body shape. Yet, the vertical creases of pleated skirts add structure and are most flattering to women with inverted triangle and rectangular as they balance the upper and lower part of the body. The pleats add volume and if you have broad shoulders, they will help you create a beautiful silhouette.

What Are the Best Pleated Skirts for Women Over 50?

what are the best pleated skirts for women over 50

Pleated skirts remain in trend for several seasons. They are suitable for women of all ages and there are no age restrictions to wearing such a skirt. However, when you are over 50, you need to pay attention to the length. So, what are the best pleated skirts for women over 50? How to choose the flattering length? Pleated midi skirts look very flattering to women over 50. You can wear a skirt of medium length with a variety of tops like t-shirts, classic white shirt, an elegant blouse, etc. Maxi skirts will be super trendy this summer. If you choose a maxi pleated skirt, you will be without any doubts in the trend. There are different types of pleats – box pleats, knife pleats, accordion pleats, sunray pleats and skirts come in an array of fabrics and cuts, creating a feminine and delicate look.

How to Wear a Pleated Skirt Over 50 and Look Fashionable and Stylish?

how to wear a pleated skirt over 50 and look fashionable and stylish

Trendy pleated skirts come in almost any color and you can choose from light, bright, pastel, neutral, natural, muted, or dark shades. One of the main advantages of these skirts, whether you opt for midi or maxi length, is that you can hide figure flaws or make your figure even more perfect. Here’s how to wear a pleated skirt over 50!

Monochromatic Outfits

summer fashion trends for women over 50 monochromatic outfits

The monochromatic look is suitable for the office, as a daytime look or for formal events. Depending on the occasion, you can add accessories to break the total look.

Combine a Pleated Skirt with a T-Shirt for a Casual Outfit

combine a pleated skirt with a t shirt for a casual outfit

You can wear a pleated skirt with a T-shirt. This simple outfit will look more interesting if you complement it a belt to accentuate the waistline.

Pair Your Skirt with a Shirt

casual chic outfits for women over 50 white shirt and midi pleated skirt

The shirt should be neatly tucked into the waistband of the skirt, the waist can be further emphasized with a belt. For a relaxed look, the long sleeves of the shirt can be rolled up.

Summer Outfits with Denim Shirt

street fashion ideas for women over 50 denim shirt and midi pleated skirt

A pleated skirt and a denim shirt look super casual and if you are looking for a comfortable daytime look, this combo works perfectly. Choose a shirt made of soft lightweight denim.

Casual Outfit with Denim or Leather Jacket

pleated skirt white tshirt and denim jacket casual summer outfits

The combination of pleated skirt and a jacket made of leather or denim is very comfortable. You can combine the skirt with a shirt or T-shirt, which should be tucked behind the belt. The jacket can be put on, or you can just throw it over your shoulders. Complement the look with high heel shoes.

Chic Outfits in Pastel Colors

guest of wedding outfit for women over 50 ideas maxi pleated skirt

Maxi pleated skirts in pastel colors, with or without a print, look feminine and gentle. Combine with a fancy top to create a chic guest of wedding outfit. For a casual chic style, you can combine the skirt with a shirt or t-shirt.

Pleated Skirts with Prints Are Perfect for an Everyday Look

pleated skirt with floral print casual chic outfit ideas for women over 50

Skirts with a bright print organically fit into casual, beach or evening looks. Such models look great when combined with a solid color shirt or top.

How to Wear a Pleated Skirt Over 50: More Ideas for Chic Summer Outfits

how to wear a pleated skirt over 50 more ideas for chic summer outfits

A Black Midi Skirt Is Universal and Can Be Styled in Different Ways

a black midi skirt is universal and can be styled in different ways

The Combination of Purple and Green Brings Summer Mood

the combination of purple and green is so feminine and brings summer mood

Combine Your Pleated Skirt with a Blazer and Belt for the Perfect Office Outfit

combine your pleated skirt with a blazer and belt for the perfect office outfit

Metallic Skirts Are Trendy and Can Be Styled in Formal or Casual Chic Outfits

metallic skirts are trendy and can be styled in formal or casual chic outfits

A Midi Skirt and T-Shirt – The Perfect Casual Chic Outfit for Hot Summer Days

a midi skirt and t shirt is the perfect casual chic outfit for hot summer days

Dopamine Dressing Boosts Your Mood

dopamine fashion boosts your mood

The Pastel Blue and Yellow Combination Looks Really Feminine

the pastel blue and yellow combination looks really feminine

Street Fashion for Women Over 50: Combine a Maxi Pleated Skirt with a Shirt and Sneakers

combine a maxi pleated skirt with a shirt and sneakers for a casual look

A Beautiful Pleated Skirt and a Sweater for the Cooler Days

a beautiful pleated skirt and a sweater for the cooler days


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