Strawberry Milk Manicure: Everything You Need to Know about the Unique Spring-Summer Nail Trend!

by Anjelina

Manicures that are typical for the spring-summer season are usually bright and colorful to bring even more positive mood and joy to their owners. That’s why we were definitely impressed by a trend that has been coming into full force lately, because it is based on delicate minimalism. This is the so-called strawberry milk manicure, which is currently an absolute hit on social media and steals the hearts of girls all over the world. In today’s article, we will go into more details about this nail trend, and you’ll also find out if there is a way to achieve the yummy effect on your nails at home!

Strawberry Milk Manicure: What is It Exactly?

gorgeous strawberry milk manicure idea for medium length round nails

The favorite drink of our childhood, strawberry milk, becomes the main inspiration for this spring-summer manicure trend. Quite logically, it appeared just after the milk bath manicure took over all beauty salons. Actually, the two manicures are very similar, but strawberry milk nails can be seen more as a variation of the milk bath mani. What differentiates them significantly from each other is that the white has been replaced by a pinkish tint to remind of the delicious drink.

medium length oval nails strawberry milk color


The strawberry milk manicure looks fashion-forward, sophisticated and versatile. Moreover, it is suitable for both everyday life and special occasions. It would go well with your office day outfit, but it is also among the preferred manicures by brides. The soft milky pink shades are the perfect complement to a stylish and elegant look, and should definitely not be missed.

How is the Strawberry-Milk Effect Achieved?

strawberry milk manicure idea for spring summer season 2023

At first glance, it may seem that applying a pale pink nail polish is enough to get the sweet effect, this is not quite the case. Yes, you would get as close to the trend as possible, but the technique of creating the manicure requires a little more effort – a milky base coat is used on which a delicate pink strawberry nail polish is applied. This creates a subtle creamy effect. A manicure like this looks luxurious and is definitely one of the manicurists’ favorites, so don’t hesitate to share your strawberry milk manicure idea on your next visit to the salon.

What Nail Length is Best for Strawberry Milk Manicure?

almond shaped medium length nails in strawberry milk color

You already found out that the strawberry milk manicure offers an incredibly versatile choice when it comes to the outfits you can pair it with. In that line of thought, it’s logical to ask if it’s suitable for different nail lengths and if there is one where it wouldn’t look good. The answer is short and very clear – no, there isn’t! Regardless of the nail shape and length, a strawberry milk manicure will equally add the sophistication and minimalist beauty that we are all so drawn to. Make sure every length is suitable for this gorgeous manicure by reading on!

Short Strawberry Milk Nails

short round strawberry milk nails

If short nails are your thing, you should definitely give the strawberry milk manicure a try. This length combined with the sweet, soft and elegant color makes your nails look very well-groomed and clean.

Medium Length

spring summer nail trend strawberry milk manicure

If too-short nails aren’t your thing and long nails make you uncomfortable, you probably prefer the medium length. The good news is that strawberry milk color will look stunning on any shape in this case – stiletto, almond, oval or square.

Long Nails

long square nails strawberry pink manicure

We come to the long nails, which are often the most desirable option as they look very sophisticated and are definitely the most preferred when we talk about formal occasions. It is definitely worth trying strawberry milk color if you have long nails, and why not add some gorgeous accents like rhinestones, glitter or foil? Feel free to experiment!

Can I Get Strawberry Milk Nails at Home?

short square nails in pale pink color

As you already guessed, it’s definitely not difficult to make a strawberry milk manicure at home! Follow our detailed instructions below to make the process easier:

  • First of all, make sure your nails are in good condition. To do this, remove the old polish (if there is any), push the cuticles out, shape your nails with a file if needed. You can check out our detailed article on dry manicures, where we’ve gathered ways to achieve beautiful, good-looking nails without having to soak them in water beforehand.
  • Once you’re sure your nails and the skin around them are ready for the first coat of polish, then move on to it. You’ll need a base coat in a milky white shade. Apply two coats, waiting for it to dry thoroughly before moving on.
  • Then, apply pink nail polish (as you can decide how intense the shade should be) and again wait for it to dry.
  • Finally, finish with a clear top coat to give a gel-effect.
  • Enjoy your sweet strawberry milk manicure that you just did!

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