The Best Swimsuits for Big Bust – Trendy Bikini, Tankini and One Piece Models for D+ Women

by Kremy

What are the best swimsuits for big bust? How to choose the perfect model that actually fits, looks good and is flattering to our body shape? Yes, we all want to look and that is especially important in places such as the beach or the pool. Every woman with big breasts has faced the problem that traditional “small, medium, large” sizes never fit and in addition, if the bottoms fit, the top is too small for D+ breasts. Let’s look at the perfect swimsuit models that will emphasize the advantages of our body!

What Are the Best Swimsuits for Big Bust – How To Choose The Perfect Model?

the best swimsuits for big busts trendy bikini tankini one piece models for d+ ladies

Women with fuller chests and girls with curves often think that they do not have any options. But, you know what? Yes, ladies, we DO! Let’s see how to choose the perfect model for your body shape and for D+ breasts!

what are the best swimsuits for big busts choose the perfect model tips


Swimsuits for large breasts must be comfortable in the first place. It is extremely important that they provide sufficient support to the bust. Yes, a big bust looks attractive but there is no need to expose it excessively. Can you look seductive without even a hint of vulgarity? Sure, you can! Many brands have a special line of beachwear, designed for women with large breasts. Such models have a tight cup, wide straps and a solid frame.

What Are the Best Colors and Prints for Plus Size Swimsuits?

what are the best colors and prints for plus size swimsuits

Dark colors make you look slimmer. If you know how to use colors cleverly, you can easily combine tops and bottoms that will flatter your figure. Pay special attention to the right combination of colors, prints and patterns.

Light Top, Dark Bottom

best swimsuits for big busts light top dark bottom

The best swimsuits for big bust have a light top and a dark bottom. This combination diverts the attention from the large breasts.

Choose the Right Stripes

vertical stripes make you look slimmer

Choose vertical stripes for the bodice and horizontal or diagonal for the bottom. Diagonal stripes are very flattering to curvy figures as they visually correct the silhouette.

Prints and Drawings

trendy swimsuits for big breasts prints and patterns

A bright print at the top of the swimsuit, especially one-piece swimsuit, is a good choice. The contrast between dark and light colors always looks good. Asymmetric drawings in the chest area are also very flattering.

How to Choose the Best Two Piece Swimsuits for Big Bust?

the best two piece swimsuits for big busts

It doesn’t matter whether you are slender or curvy. When you are looking for a flattering swimsuit for your figure and you have a big bust, the rules are the same for both slim and plus size women.

Opt For the Right Cups

what are the best bikini tops for big busts breast support

The shape, size and structure of the cup are the one of the most important factors when you choose a model for big breast. The best swimsuits for big bust have a closed cup, which covers almost the entire bust.

The Best Swimsuits for Big Bust – Cups with Underwire Provide Support

what are the best bikini tops for big busts cups with underwire support

Swimsuit tops with underwire are one of the best options for women with big bust. They provide the necessary support while perfectly raising the chest and partly relieving stress on the spine.

Avoid Thin Straps

what are the best bikini tops for big busts wide straps

Wide straps are a must. This rule applies to all styles, one piece or two piece swimsuits. Why? On the first place thin straps do not provide sufficient support for the bust. Another reason to avoid them is that they dig into the skin which does not really look good and in addition, can cause great discomfort.

Halter Style Swimsuit Bikini Tops Are Perfect for Big Bust

halter bikini top for big bust

Actually halter swimsuits can be one piece or two-piece. This type of top looks sexy and provides good breast support and freedom of movement. High waisted bikini are trendy and the good news is that they come in a huge variety of colors and prints. In addition, this model is a great choice when you want to hide your belly.

Tankini Swimsuits for Big Bust

tankini for big bust trendy swimwear for curvy women

If you want to emphasize your individuality, style and demonstrate your personal vision of fashion, go for a tankini swimsuit. Tankinis not only perfectly support the bust, but also hide big belly and is one of the best swimsuit models for curvy women.

Are Bandeau Bikini Tops Suitable for Big Busts?

are bandeau bikini tops suitable for big busts

There is an ongoing discussion whether bandeau bikini top swimsuits are suitable for women with a fuller bust. Some say that bandeau tops should be avoided as they do not provide the necessary support while others just love the way this top looks. Our opinion? If you opt for a bandeau swimsuit, remember that you should feel comfortable in it. Forget about trends and fashion. The good news is that plus size bandeau swimsuits often come equipped with straps which can be the better choice for women with big bust.

One Piece Swimsuits for Large Breasts

one piece swimsuits for large breasts

One piece swimsuits are an all-time favorite choice for curvy women and ladies with big busts. Swimsuits made of two types of fabric – solid color combined with a print are flattering for ladies with large bust. Remember that darker colors have a slimming effect and a black swimsuit is like a little black dress for any woman.

how to choose the best swimsuits for large breasts


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