Your Guide to Top Summer Dresses for Big Bust That’ll Enhance Your Figure!

by Radost P.

How to choose the right summer dress, if you have a large bust? How to emphasize the positive features of your figure and look your best?

Here Are Expert Tips for Wearing Summer Dresses, If You Have a Big Bust!

summer dresses for big busts

As a woman, you are unique, and so not all dresses will suit you well. For this reason, it is wise to be aware of what the experts recommend when it comes to a particular figure. In this way, you won’t have to spend money on figuring out which clothes are good for your body type and which are not. 

What Dresses Look Good on Big Busts? Square-Cuts!

square cut dress


What we love about square-cut dresses is that they are stylish and draw attention away from your chest. The square neckline creates the impression that you have a good taste and provides space to show off jewelries. Fashion experts recommend choosing thicker straps, as they will keep your boobs secure and comfy. 

Wrap Dresses

wrap dress

If you have a big bust, one of the most suitable option for you are wrap dresses – their V-neckline provides a fantastic look. To get the perfect fit, you could choose a summer dress that is in accordance to the specific size of your chest. 

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Puff Sleeves

puff sleeves

Puff sleeves instantly draw people’s attention to your shoulders, rather than the chest. Especially if you are a woman with a big bust, statement shoulders make you look confident in yourself and define your figure.

Slim Fits

slim fit dress

While oversized dresses have their own benefits, sometimes they might look a bit unkempt! On the other hand, the stretchy knit fabric of a slim-fit summer dress supports your chest, while making you feel comfortable and beautiful. The best thing? You can wear your favorite bra with it!

Choosing the Right Summer Dress – What Silhouettes to Avoid?

which dresses to avoid if you have a big bust

While it is good to experiment with different styles when it comes to clothing, you should definitely avoid some dresses that will make your bust look unflattering or even larger. Which are those?

Empire Waist Dresses

This kind of dresses have a seam, sitting just below your bust, which means that they may make your chest look larger, rather than visually elongating your neck.

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High-Neck Dresses

high neck dress

Generally, high necklines draw attention away from the rest of your body, while creating the impression that your bust is larger without balancing it out. 

Strapless Dresses

strapless dress

Professional fashionistas would not advise women with big busts to wear strapless dresses, as they create an unbalanced look, meaning the chest appears too large compared to the rest of your figure.

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