How to Wear Wide Leg Pants – 2023 Trendy Summer Outfits to Copy for Work and Every Day

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Wide leg pants are the hot trend of the season. Not only fashionable, but also very comfortable, you will want to wear them every day! This is the perfect choice for women who love naturalness and freedom of movement. Do you know how to wear wide leg pants? Let’s look at the fashionable outfits for the office as well as casual summer outfits for every day.

Who Can Wear Wide Leg Pants?

how to wear wide leg pants 2023 trendy summer outfits to copy

Being one of the iconic wardrobe staples of 70s fashion, wide leg pants are popular again and we are sure that you have at least one pair in your closet. Wide leg pants suit everyone and are flattering for every body type. They can help you disguise some figure flaws. Can curvy women wear wide leg pant? Yes, of course! It doesn’t matter if you are slim, curvy, petite or tall, these pants are versatile!

what makes wide leg pants so flattering


What makes wide-leg pants so flattering? On the first place, the high waist accents on the waistline and is perfect if you want to hide your belly. Long pants make your legs look slimmer and longer. As any trendy item, there are variations of wide leg pants – from fashionable palazzo pants, to full flare, small flare, cropped wide pants, high-waisted wide leg pants, etc.

How to Style Wide Leg Pants Successfully?

how to style wide leg pants successfully

Whether for the office or for every day, wide leg trousers look best when paired with cropped tops and tucked in tops. Slim fitting tops balance out the wide leg. You will notice that tucked shirts, t-shirts, blouses and tops are among the most popular choices. Adding a sweater, blazer, denim jacket will also define your shoulders and waist, so do not be afraid of layering.

Wide Leg Cropped Pants Outfits

wide leg cropped pants outfits summer 2023 trends

The cropped version of wide leg pants is great for summer. As the name suggests, they are shorter than the standard long models and the hem ends above the ankle. However, keep in mind that cropped pants are not suitable for everyone because they visually cut the legs and make them look shorter. High heels are a must if you are short but still want to wear cropped wide pants.

White Wide Leg Pants Outfits

white wide leg pants outfits casual outfits summer 2023

White wide leg pants look equally well in monochromatic outfits and in combination with a bright or printed top. Smart casual combinations are perfect for running errands, shopping, having lunch and for a walk.

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How to Style Wide Leg Jeans?

how to style wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans are back on the runways. And that’s good, these models remain among the most attractive pants for the female figure.

Wide Leg Pants and Crop Top Outfits

wide leg pants and crop top outfits summer 2023

This is a great and flattering combination. Wide leg pants and crop tops can be styled in a casual, bohemian or elegant outfit depending on your need. Combine with a lace top for a striking outfit or opt for more casual style which is suitable for outings and every day wear.

Combine Wide Pants with a Blouse or Shirt

combine wide pants with a light blouse or shirt trendy summer outfits 2023

A light blouse or shirt is another option to pair with wide pants. Choose a blouse or shirt that matches your pants. If you wear printed pants, then the top should be in a solid color and vice versa. Do not forget to tuck it into pants!

Wide Leg Pants and T-Shirt – The Ultimate Casual Summer Outfit

wide leg pants and t shirt the ultimate casual summer outfit

For a casual look, choose a stylish T-shirts with a bright print. You can wear both classic length pants or a cropped model. Complement the look with a stylish belt, as well as mules, flip flops, sandals or even sneakers.

Leather Wide Leg Pants

leather wide leg pants trendy outfits summer 2023

The leather trend has not lost its top positions for several seasons in a row. Leather wide leg pants are popular in long and cropped variations. Complement them with a crop top or a tight fit blouse.

Wide Leg Pants Outfits for the Office – Summer 2023 Looks to Copy

wide leg pants outfits for the office summer 2023 looks to copy

Wide pants are great for summer and if your dress code allows a certain freedom, do not hesitate to choose them for your office outfit. Keep to neutral or natural colors without large prints – black, white, beige, sandy shades, soft pastels are perfect for the summer days. White and beige look very feminine, especially if you choose light fabric. Combine with a shirt or elegant top, sandals or pumps and your wide leg pants summer outfit for the office is ready!

Combine Wide Pants and Blazer for an Office Look

combine wide pants and blazer for an office look

To create a stylish office outfit, combine wide pants with a blazer. The blazer should be with a classic cut. Whether you opt for a pants suit or you combine clothes that you already have, a stylish blazer immediately makes you look more elegant.



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