Fashion Trends 2023: 25 Chic Monochromatic Outfits for Women Over 50 to Embrace the “Total Look”

by Kremy

We have 25 ideas for chic monochromatic outfits for women over 50 that will help you look elegant and stylish even when you are dressed in a single color. Do you follow the fashion trends of the year? Aren’t you fascinated by the fabulous monochromatic outfits? We definitely are! And, no, these outfits are not for young women only! What is the secret for the perfect monochromatic outfits for mature ladies? Let’s see!

What Is a Monochromatic Outfit?

what is a monochromatic outfit

Let’s start with the basics. What is a monochromatic outfit? As the name suggests, this is an outfit based on one color. However, for a stylish outfit you can combine different shades from the same palette. To add even more style, you can play with textures and combine your clothes to add visual interest to the outfit. For example, pair a sweater with a suit, or a cardigan with a shirt and pants.

What Are the Secrets of Chic Monochromatic Outfits for Women Over 50?

what are the secrets of chic monochromatic outfits for women over 50


Many mature women are afraid that outfits in one color will look boring. Do you think so? Yes, combining shoes, clothes and accessories in one and the same color could be a disaster if you do it in the wrong way. But we are here to help you and will reveal the secrets of chic and stylish monochromatic outfits for women over 50!

Choose the Proper Color for Your Trendy “Total Look” Outfit

how to choose the color for a monochromatic outfit women over 50 fashion trends

If women in their 30s can afford bright and bold colors, it is better if ladies after 50 opt for neutral and natural colors. As we said, you can combine shades from one palette, which means that you will break the monotony. The only condition is that the different shades must be harmoniously combined. Complement the outfit with accents and accessories – a scarf, a belt, jewelry, etc. Of course, if you feel confident in bolder colors, do not hesitate to wear blue, green, purple or any other shade that makes you feel good!

Play With Fabrics and Textures

combine different fabrics and textures in a monochromatic outfit fashion for women over 50

Combining fabrics with different thickness and texture is an easy way to create a spectacular outfit. From wool and leather, to velvet and suede – the options are numerous. The secret here is not to overdo it. Limit the choice to maximum 2-3 fabrics.

Trendy Monochromatic Outfits for Women Over 50: 2023 Fashion Ideas

trendy monochromatic outfits for women over 50 2023 fashion ideas

Among the advantages of monochromatic outfits for women over 50 is the fact that mature ladies can wear them for the office or for evening events. Such outfits can help you correct the silhouette and hide flaws, if necessary. Here are some 2023 fashion ideas to inspire you!

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Black Monochromatic Outfits for Women Over 50

black monochromatic outfits for women over 50

Black is always fashionable. The color is universal and suitable for both a business meeting or a party. Every woman needs a little black dress but you can go even further and combine high-waisted pants with a t-shirt and blazer or black pants with shirt and coat, etc.

White Monochromatic Outfits for Spring Summer 2023

white monochromatic outfits for spring summer 2023

Just as black, white is a versatile color. In a white monochromatic outfit you will look stylish without bright accents. The options to create a white outfit are limitless. Summer dresses in white come in a huge variety of fabrics and cuts. Add a knitted cardigan for the evening, accessorize with bag and shoes and you’re ready.

Gray Outfits for Mature Women

gray outfits for mature women

Now, gray is a whole universe of shades! To many women it seems boring and a color that lacks character, but that is wrong! This color offers so many options to combine dark and light shades, soft gray with anthracite or graphite, smoky gray, silver gray… you name it! You can choose gray monochromatic outfit for the office, for a walk, for dinner with friends and one thing is certain – you will look stylish every time!

Beige and Nude Shades Outfits for Mature Women – Refined Elegance and Unmistakable Style

beige and nude shades outfits for mature women

The nude and beige shades are among the top choices of women over 50. Why? Because they are soft, elegant and refined. It is simply impossible to resist the sophistication of a monochromatic outfit in beige or nude shades that emphasize the beauty and class of a mature lady.

Red Outfits for Women Over 50

fashion trends 2023 25 chic monochromatic outfits for women over 50

Red, ah… red! Now this is a color for bold women with bright individuality. If you want to attract the attention – this is the choice! Red is passion, red is a statement! Combine red pants with a blouse, a red dress with a coat and your fashionable outfit is ready!

burgundy red monochromatic outfits for women over 50

If you prefer more restrained colors, burgundy red is a great choice. It is noble, deep and any woman will look good in this exceptional color.


Carmen Gimeno in a Blue Monochromatic Outfit

blue total look outfit fashion trends women over 50

Vanessa Redgrave in Olive Green Monochromatic Outfit with Leather Pants

vanessa redgrave in olive green monochromatic outfit

Embrace the Total Look Trend and Look Gorgeous!

carmen gimeno in green outfit total look trend 2023

Elegant “Total Look” Outfits for Mature Ladies

monochromatic outfits for women over 50 spring 2023 trends

Amanda Holden Is Irresistible in Red!

red outfits for women over 50 amanda holden in red outfit

Casual Monochromatic Outfit in Blue

monochromatic outfits 2023 spring outfits for women over 50 total look trend

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