Blonde Balayage with Money Pieces: What Makes It So Trendy and Preferred + How to Maintain It

by Anjelina

We live in times when new fashion trends are constantly occurring. And especially when it comes to hair coloring techniques, it’s really hard to keep up with the trends. Balayage, ombre or air touch are terms that hairdressers all over the world use today. But which hair color is really worth trying in 2023? This is definitely the blonde balayage with money pieces, which is the subject of our attention in today’s article. Keep reading to find out what’s so special about this combination and why it’s worth a try!

What is Blonde Balayage with Money Pieces?

balayage and money pieces trendy hair coloring technique 2023

As the name suggests, this is a modern hair coloring technique that incorporates light balayage and the ever-so-trending highlights known as “money pieces”.

What makes balayage such a preferred technique? Of course, it’s the beautiful blend of natural colors in the hair and the effect as if it were sun-kissed. The coloring usually starts at the roots and continues down the length of the hair, achieving very natural looking locks that are several tones lighter than the base hair color. Balayage is suitable for all hair colors, but blonde balayage is definitely considered one of the most attractive with its irresistible light shades.

wavy blonde hair and money pieces


Lately, however, ladies don’t seem to be getting enough of the beautiful result that balayage produces and are looking for ways to spice up their look even more. This is the reason why the wonderful combination of balayage and money pieces (highlights in the front of the hair that frame the face) came about.

blonde balayage with money pieces stylish look

While balayage adds uniqueness to all your hair, money pieces accentuate your face and make your best features stand out. Money pieces are usually lighter than the rest of the hair, which is also true in the case of blonde balayage. But let’s take a look in a little more detail at what the benefits are and who the trendy money pieces are suitable for in the following lines!

Money Piece as a Means to Refresh Your Look

money pieces on long light wavy hair

If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your look and the balayage you did a few weeks ago isn’t enough for you anymore, you can try to lighten the strands around your face, or in other words, go for the money piece trend. This is a really good option when you want to add even more personality to your look. Besides, you will be up-to-date with the fashion trends, and you will surely get plenty of compliments.

Are Money Pieces Suitable for Everyone?

modern hair coloring technique balayage and money pieces

Money piece is a technique suitable for everyone. This coloring looks great on both brunettes and blondes. The strands themselves are usually a few tones lighter than the rest of the hair. Money pieces are a good option for anyone who wants to try something new, add a few cool shades and create the illusion of more dimension in the hair. They will undoubtedly draw attention to your face because of the obvious contrasting effect that is produced with the rest of the hair, which is the very charm of the technique.

How to Get Money Pieces?

balayage for light hair trends 2023

It is necessary to visit a good hairdresser to get the best results. Blonde balayage, for example, which we found out looks amazing in combination with money pieces, can make the task a bit difficult. That’s why it’s so necessary to visit a hairdresser and not experiment at home, because it’s very likely that the end result won’t satisfy you. An experienced professional will assess exactly what shade will be right for you so that harmony between the balayage and money pieces can be achieved. They also have to take into account your skin tone, which complicates things even more. That’s why it’s best to visit the beauty salon, show exactly what you want and trust your hairdresser!

How to Maintain Blonde Balayage with Money Pieces?

long wavy hair balayage and money pieces

As gentle as balayage and money pieces are, they still lighten the hair, in turn always making it more brittle and prone to losing its natural protective properties. On that note, you should definitely take more care of it than before if you want to enjoy a beautiful and healthy mane. It’s a good idea to make homemade masks to nourish, hydrate and strengthen your hair.

money pieces on straight blonde hair

Another important point in hair maintenance are special shampoos for blondes that contain violet pigments. They prevent the appearance of unwanted brassy shades (yellow or orange). Usually these shampoos are not for daily use and are used on a limited basis, but it is always best to read the instructions on the bottle.

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