Balayage trends 2023: Find inspiration in the latest balayage hair color trends for spring!

by Anjelina

Dyeing your hair has always been a great way to change your image, look fresh and keep up with trends. On the one hand, bright shades are all the rage, but on the other hand, the trend towards naturalness continues unabated! That’s why many stylists are coming up with increasingly elaborate coloring techniques to create natural-looking effects. Balayage is one of them. In today’s article, we will pay special attention to this wonderful coloring technique and its benefits. We will specifically focus on the current balayage trends 2023 as well!

What exactly is balayage?

best balayage trends 2023 for brunettes and blondes

Balayage is a coloring technique that was first applied in France in the 1970s. It seeks to achieve the natural effect of sun-bleached hair, as the colors blend in an amazing way that can leave no beauty admirer indifferent!

The technique requires a vertical application of the colors, using several shades – two or three – and the dye is distributed over the entire length of each strand. The result that every good hairdresser strives for is a smooth blending and a stunning play of natural shades. Although the coloring technique remains the same, balayage trends 2023 offers many variations that produce a variety of stunning results.

What are the benefits of balayage?

balayage on medium length dark hair hazel eyes


Before we move on to the current balayage trends for 2023, we want to share with you some of the benefits of this technique that are worth getting familiar with if you’re considering giving it a chance!

  • Less hair damage – as you’ll only be dyeing part of your hair.
  • Saves you money – unlike traditional dye methods, balayage requires a touch-up every 2-3 months.
  • Adds personality – an experienced hairdresser will choose the right colors for you, taking into account your preferences but also your traits.
  • Versatility – suitable for women of all ages and all hair textures.

Best balayage trends 2023

long dark hair ashy blonde balayage technique

Balayage is a great way to freshen up your look without making drastic changes, as we mentioned earlier. Let’s now take a look at the current trends for 2023 by looking at the balayage colors that are a hit right now.

gorgeous balayage messy long bob A-line

We will focus on the most popular shades in the balayage technique for 2023. Get ready for stunning looks that are sure to give you the incentive to try this trendy dyeing technique! Let’s get started!

Ashy balayage

ash blonde balayage trendy hair color 2023

Ash is a very trendy hair color in 2023, but at the same time it’s quite difficult to achieve, so if you’re considering going for such cool tones for your balayage, it’s best to go to an experienced hairdresser. They will prepare your hair properly and make it easy to maintain it afterwards. Also keep in mind that ashy balayage is not suitable for women with too pale skin, as it will make them look even paler.

Warm caramel tones

warm blonde balayage technique on blonde hair

Caramel is a warm shade that suits both brunettes and blondes. You just need to add a few lighter and warmer shades to your hair to achieve a natural effect, as if it was kissed by the sun. The color is extremely easy to maintain, and the golden highlights will add a unique touch to your look. Caramel balayage goes great on girls with brown eyes and peachy skin, but is generally a good option for almost everyone.

Rose gold

brown hair with rose gold balayage medium length

If you want to refresh your look and escape the ordinary, you can opt for rose gold in your hair. These lovely pastel shades pair well with almost all natural hair colors. It’s good to know that, like any other light hair color, the rose gold needs to be maintained carefully, so we recommend you pay attention to your hair care routine. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo for color-treated hair that will help preserve your gorgeous pink shades longer.

rose gold balayage on long blonde hair

Rose gold looks amazing both on platinum and natural blonde hair. Brunettes will have to go through several stages until they achieve the soft pastel tones, as the technique involves first lightening the strands, then dyeing them pink.

Copper & Red

copper-red balayage trends 2023 long curly hair

Balayage looks great on red hair too. The right choice of shade is important, which depends entirely on the original color. Balayage with copper strands that resemble flames would look stunning on bright red hair, for example. The important thing is that the shade you choose is lighter than your main hair color. Brunettes and blondes can also achieve this coppery-red effect, but it will take a few visits to the hairdresser.

Purple shades

purple balayage long bob wavy hair

In 2023, it will be fashionable to use unusual hair colors such as violet, and make them look as natural as possible. It is the balayage technique that is capable of achieving such an effect, so if you have an unconventional idea, you can discuss it with your hairdresser!

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