Is balayage good for graying hair? Everything you need to know + inspiring photos!

by Anjelina

If a few years ago the appearance of gray hair was a sign of old age and a cause for panic and shame among women, now things are quite different! Gray hair makes you look like you are following fashion trends (which is in fact imposed by social media influencers and fashion designers). There are many trendy hair coloring techniques that only partially cover the hair and allow gray hairs to make a great accent. They are definitely worth paying attention to! In this line of thought, questions like ”Is balayage good for graying hair?” occur – read on to find the answer and also learn more interesting facts concerning gray hair and coloring.

Is balayage good for graying hair?

balayage on graying hair visiting the hairdresser for a trendy change

Balayage is actually a sensible solution for graying hair. Especially if you’re a fan of the popular ashy balayage, where individual strands are dyed a silver-gray color. It’s actually the easiest and most suitable hair coloring technique to do on graying hair. The intricate gray coloring distributes evenly throughout the head. The transitions look graceful, and you have to look pretty closely to see which strands are colored and which are natural (in many cases you won’t even know). Thanks to the transition between colors, which can be both smooth and abrupt, the technique gives the hair a luscious and shiny finish, and it makes your hair look as natural as possible.

Is it better to highlight or color gray hair?

Whether you go for a full hair color or choose balayage (highlights, ombre or other partial coloring technique) depends entirely on your personal preferences. For example, if you want to cover up all the gray hairs and achieve an even hair color, then go ahead and do it! On the other hand, if you want to show that you’re proud of your gray hair, make it the main focus by mixing it with other shades to create an interesting and trendy look! The decision is entirely yours, and it’s best to make it based on how you feel!

How long does balayage last on gray hair?

How long does balayage last on grey hair


Depending on whether you use good color toning products with violet and purple pigments also depends on how long the balayage will last in your hair before your next visit to the hairdresser. On average, balayage will last between 3–5 months, which is a great advantage over other hair coloring techniques, don’t you think?

It’s important to take care of your hair and try to keep the colors in the cooler range, because you won’t particularly like the yellowing! That’s why, as mentioned, you need to opt for purple shampoos or similar products that successfully fight unwanted brassy tones. When choosing such a product, pay attention to whether it also provides good hydration to the hair because this is of utmost importance once the graying has started. We mean, that’s when the hair usually becomes quite dry, and considering the balayage, you can see for yourself how necessary it is to find a good and reliable product!

Benefits of balayage for graying hair

ashy balayage on graying hair gorgeous look

When the intricate grаy coloring is evenly distributed throughout the head, there are more shades and the transitions look smooth, it will be difficult to detect exactly which gray hairs are natural. This is one of the wonderful benefits of balayage for graying hair. In addition, the technique also allows for a smooth transition from dark roots to lighter hair, with highlights and light areas successfully distracting from root growth, so you can maximize the time before your next visit to the hairdresser. Of course, here again, we’ll mention taking good care of your hair and choosing the right products to keep it healthy and shiny.

growing out hair color to gray balayage technique

Other positives of balayage technique include that it is suitable for any hair length, adding brightness and individuality. It also provides fairly easy maintenance and conceals many flaws that are not only related to natural hair color changes (graying), but others such as overly round cheeks or large cheekbones. The only cons we can mention are that the technique is quite complex, which is why you should definitely go to an experienced hairdresser.

Should you go to a hairdresser?

is balayage good for graying hair medium length wavy hair

As we mentioned before, balayage is great for gray or graying hair because the gray blends perfectly with the other colors! It turns out very pretty indeed. If you want to get this effect, we recommend you go to an experienced hairdresser. To do balayage at home borders on mission impossible, no matter how many tutorials you watch. We advise you not to experiment unless you have some experience! In that line of thought, you shouldn’t visit the first hairdresser that an ad on social media recommended to you. Take your time and find a real professional who knows how to work with graying hair and who will pick the best colors to pair it with. Let him or her play with the gray hairs and make them the main focus to get a modern and stylish look!

Balayage for graying hair – Photo Gallery

is balayage good for graying hair before and after

Balayage on medium length wavy hair with blunt bangs

medium length wavy hair blunt bangs

Beautiful balayage on graying hair 

gray hair new trends 2023 hair coloring techniques

Balayage and money-piece highlights

money piece highlights for graying hair

Ashy balayage on graying hair

dark hair trendy coloring technique

Gorgeous blended graying hair and highlights

inspiration 2023 hair coloring techniques modern

Graying hair balayage

Benefits of balayage for graying hair

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