How to dress chic over 50? Close-up on Cristina Cordula’s fashion style, plus tips and advice!

by Kristiyana

50 is a glorious age! It’s the time to show your true personality, to feel confident, powerful, and free. And the first step you need to take to achieve this is to upgrade your wardrobe. Leave the old-school prejudices to your 40s and find inspiration below for your next shopping-tour. Speaking of shopping and transformation, there’s no better example than star host Cristina Cordula! Go for it! Here’s how to dress chic at 50 and over! Let’s discover the best fashion tips that will make you stand out from the crowd.

How to dress chic at 50 and over?

how to-shop-chic-more-than-50-year-old-looks-of-Cristina-Cordula

Can you be trendy at any age? Of course, you can! All you have to do is pick the right colours and shapes that fit your body type. Mom jeans, for example, are definitely a bad idea, but wide-leg pants are more than welcome at and over 50.

And when it comes to trends, in 2023, we’re saying “yes” to timeless outfits, as long as they’re appropriate for the event. For example, look at the gallery below with some amazing ideas from Cristina Cordula. Wearing feathers and sequins at 50 or over? Why not! Just be yourself! If it makes you happy and confident, then embrace it for the next wedding you are invited to.

Here are Cristina Cordula’s star looks!



The shopping queen of M6, Cristina Cordula is often described as elegant, refined and feminine. She focuses on clothes with classic cuts and subtle details, but she also doesn’t hesitate to add a touch of originality to her outfits with colourful accessories or bold prints. Here are the must-haves that every woman over 50 should have in her wardrobe:

Black dress: For a business meeting or a family dinner, the black dress is the first thing to buy. Depending on your figure, you can choose an airy cut and a fluid material (if you have a small belly, a bouncy butt or wide hips). Or bet on a dress with a V-neck or rounded neckline (if you have wide shoulders).

Denim: You can look elegant and chic even in jeans. Pair your favourite style with a high-quality white shirt and a brown belt.

“Chanel” style outfit: Who doesn’t love the Chanel style? There are no words that can describe how exceptional it is. You need it! You really do! And the great thing is that you can buy affordable outfits because so many stores are inspired by their curly jackets, pearls and classic cuts. H&M and Zara are just a few examples.

Wide leg pants: this loose fit is very comfortable and will make you look more stylish. Choose a black or white colour, so you can pair it with business or party outfits.

Must-have accessories: As you can see from the photos here, Cristina Cordula prefers monochromatic looks. This gives you the opportunity to wear all the accessories you want. The pearl necklace, XXL earrings or colourful belts bring the touch of pep you need. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be bold! Be yourself!

How to dress chic over 50: Photo Gallery


Black dress for 50-year-old woman


Dare to wear feathered clothing at age 50 and over


How to dress chic at 50 and over? Mix & Match styles to achieve a unique look


Put a belt on your coat to emphasize your waist


Incorporate Y2K prints into your everyday look

how to dress-chic-a-more-than-50-year-olds

Cristina Cordula at the premiere of the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” with a monochrome outfit


Cristina Cordula’s wedding dress


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