How to wear jeans after 60? 4 stylish cuts to look young at any age + those to avoid

by Kremy

If you’re in your 60s, you might be wondering if you’re already too old to wear jeans? We shout “No!” Simply choose a style with the right fit, fabric, wash and proportions for your body, then, pair it with a top that matches your style and preferences. Discover the four best ways to wear jeans after 60!

How to wear jeans after 60? Here are the most suitable models for 60-year-olds

How to wear jeans after 60

Styling jeans in your 60s can be fun if you know which styles look good on you and which don’t. Good jeans are an essential part of your wardrobe, whatever your age. It is versatile and makes you feel confident, modern and at ease. That’s why we offer you a complete guide to the jeans cuts for women over 60!

Boyfriend jeans

fashion women 60 years old boyfriend jeans


Among the jean styles that are appropriate and comfortable for women in their 60s, boyfriend jeans top the list. Plus, they look great on all body types.

Boyfriend jeans can be used for both formal and casual outfits. They have a slightly wide cut, hugging your upper body and leaving room for your thighs and legs. In this way you get a balanced silhouette. Boyfriend jeans give the effect of a small waist, a curvaceous body and long legs.

You can pair these jeans with tucked-in bodysuits or simple t-shirts. You can also pair them with high heels for a trendy look or wear them with white sneakers for a casual day.

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Skinny jeans

what pants for 60 year old woman skinny jeans

Find a pair of skinny jeans that are exactly your size. But it shouldn’t be so tight that you can’t sit properly when wearing them. If you have a little belly fat, opt for a high-waist model and wear tight clothes underneath. This will give you a slimmer silhouette.

For a balanced look, pair skinny jeans with a loose blouse or flowy top. Long-sleeved, flared tops look great with these pants. For a high fashion look, pair skinny jeans with high heels.

You can also wear crop tops and a denim jacket, blazer or leather jacket. This is a classic yet modern look for women over 60.

Bootcut jeans

how to wear bootcut jeans women 60 years old

Bootcut jeans that hug the waist and thighs and become looser at the bottom of the leg give a nice shape to the body. If you like the curves of your thighs or want to accentuate them, bootcut jeans should be your choice.

Long jeans that go all the way down to the foot, paired with high heels and a simple tucked-in top, is the easiest way to wow onlookers. You can opt for a low-rise bootcut style for a 90s vibe. If your legs are short, the high waist is preferable.

Vintage washed jeans

How to wear jeans after 60 vintage style jeans

Jeans that look like they’ve been worn down and worn since high school are just plain cool. We recommend contrasting their washed-out glory with fresh (obviously new) fashion-forward pieces. Increase the sophistication by layering a cropped tweed jacket over a longer shirt and finish with fashionable suede ankle boots, like Helen Mirren, or wear a feminine silk blouse for an easy solution.

How to wear jeans after 60? Models to avoid at all cost

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans work best on young girls but they don’t look stylish on women over 60.

Mom jeans

If you are plump, avoid mom jeans. These are similar to boyfriend jeans, but have an overall baggy look. They don’t show off your best curves and make you look chubby overall.

Baggy jeans

Curvy women over 60 should wear jeans that make their legs look slim and long. Wearing jeans that are too big on chubby legs will not give you a promising silhouette.

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