Dare to Wear Slim Jeans at 50: Yes or No? Which Model Is Right for You?

by Kremy

If you still think you shouldn’t wear slim jeans at 50 just because you’re old, it’s time to think again! A fashion essential that is very easy to wear and match, denim pants are making their way into women’s wardrobes to satisfy every whim and erase every flaw. But what about the slim fit? Can they be worn after fifty? Do they suit the body type and style of 50-somethings? Yes, but under certain conditions! Here’s a little fashion coaching on how to wear jeans that have been judged too harshly for some time now, but which deserve their place in the wardrobe of mature women.

Do We Dare to Wear Slim Jeans after 50?

how to wear slim jeans at 50 or 60 fashion fall 2023

Jeans are a bit of a fashion dinosaur. They can be worn with anything and everything! In fact, it is the only item in our wardrobe that challenges all ages and styles. And although the trend for women’s jeans in fall 2023 is towards the wide-leg style, the slim fit has lost none of its value. But you still need to know how to choose it well, especially when you are 50 or over. So, let’s be clear! Slim jeans have nothing to do with the skinny model. While one contours the thighs, buttocks and legs by being slightly flared at the ankles, the other is 100% tight, like a “second skin”. So, yes, slim is completely acceptable after 50. Whether you are petite, curvy or both, these pants are perfect for smoothing out your curves and small complexes. For petite ladies, they elongate the figure, while for taller women, they emphasize the legs.

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Fashion Coaching: How to Choose and Wear Slim Jeans at 50?

how to wear slim jeans after 50 with style body shape advice fashion 2023

Do you like slim-fit? Well, so do we! To wear them properly when you’re 30, 40 or even 50, it’s important to consider your body type. Those who have a pear shaped body with wide hips and narrow shoulders should prefer a high-waisted model. On the other hand, wasp waists can get away with anything.  Low waist or high waist, it’s up to you to judge! High-waisted skinny jeans are also suitable for hourglass silhouettes, unlike apple-shaped ones, which should rather focus on a low or medium-rise model. Finally, rectangle shaped body types prefer slim-fitting jeans. If it is high-waisted, it highlights the waist. If it falls lower, it gives the impression of more shapely hips. In short, they’re as adaptable as you like.

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In the Office

fashion tips outfit wear slim jeans 50 year old woman at the office

Wearing jeans that are tight at the thighs and flared around the ankles is not complicated. At the office, combine your new pair with timeless and chic pieces. Go for the blazer-shirt combo. Add a pair of trendy boots, a trendy handbag and voila. When the temperatures drop, swap the blazer for a long coat with a belt to highlight the waist or a flowing trench coat. When it comes to footwear, slim-fit jeans go hand in hand with black loafers, riding boots and cowboy boots.

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On the Street

modern denim outfit for 40 50 year old woman with slim jeans

In everyday life, slim pants like oversized pieces: bomber jackets, trench coats, leather bomber jackets, blazers, black hoodies, wool overshirts, knitted cardigans, as well as wide-leg boots, XL bags and trendy sneakers with wide soles. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to embracing the look. Our favorite look for 50-somethings? The double denim trend! Because one piece of denim is good, but two is even better. So combine your new pair with a matching denim jacket or oversized shirt.

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In the Evening

modern outfit woman 50 60 years old wearing slim jeans

Impossible to shine in the evening with jeans? Think again! All you need to do is pair them with a strong, trendy piece that stands on its own, such as a jewel handbag, a piece of gold clothing, elegant heeled boots or even a rock and roll leather jacket. Don’t forget to add the right jewelry. A necklace, a few bracelets, a pair of earrings and here you are! The slim fit can be worn with everything and everywhere. It enhances all body types and is suitable for every age. In short, you can wear them after 50!

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Some Mistakes to Avoid with Slim Jeans

To look good in skinny jeans after 50, you still need to follow a few rules. Here are the most important ones:

  • Avoid the total tight look.
  • Wear your jeans with an oversized top.
  • Choose wide leg boots or ankle boots.
  • Avoid jeans that are too long.

Shirt, jeans and ballet flats for everyday style, without losing comfort

slim jeans trend woman 50 years old modern outfit shirt ballerinas

Office outfit for 50 year old woman in tight jeans, black blazer and heels

slim straight jeans woman 50 years old black blazer shirt modern outfit office

Jeans and vinyl ankle boots for a casual but chic look

50 year old women outfits modern slim jeans trench black ankle boots patent leather

Long down jacket, XL scarf and tight jeans

how to wear slim jeans at 50 in winter

This is how to wear sneakers after 50!

modern outfit for 50 year old women jeans with sneakers

Denim pants and bomber jacket – the perfect duo for winter

what to wear with slim jeans at 50 modern outfit winter 2023

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