How to Take Honeysuckle Cuttings in Winter? All You Need to Know to Succeed

by Kremy

A highly fragrant evergreen shrub, honeysuckle (Lonicera) blooms in white, yellow, red and pink. This evergreen perennial is highly prized in the garden for its hardiness and resistance to disease. In addition, its nectar attracts birds and insects. Would you like to have several plants in your garden? Today we explain to you how to take honeysuckle cuttings and when is the right time.

What Is the Cutting Method?

what is the cutting propagation method

If you’re new to gardening, you’re probably wondering, what exactly are cuttings? It is a method of plant propagation which is characterized by taking a piece (stem, leaf) from the mother plant. We call this cutting and we root it in order to obtain a new plant. To succeed, the cutting is planted in soil so that it can give life to a root system.

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When to Take a Honeysuckle Cutting?

when and how to take honeysuckle cuttings

No matter the type of plant you want to propagate by cuttings, knowing the right season to do so is essential so that the new roots can develop better. For honeysuckle, there are two possible periods. The first is in summer, between July and September and it is carried out on stems in the process of becoming lignified. On the other hand, the second favorable period is in winter and it is practiced on dormant wood.

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How to Take Honeysuckle Cuttings in Winter?

how to take honeysuckle cuttings

Honeysuckle is one of the winter-flowering plants you absolutely must have in your garden! If you already have one, but you want to multiply it this winter, we’ll explain how to take cuttings successfully. Good news: it’s not at all a difficult task as long as you follow a few simple steps.

First, use sharp, disinfected pruning shears to prevent the spread of disease. Next, select a branch of the current year and cut off a piece about 8 inches/20 cm long. Cut at the bottom, just above a node, at an angle and remove the leaves. Fill a pot with special potting soil for cuttings. If you don’t have any, don’t hesitate to mix equal parts potting soil and sand. Insert the cutting into the pot and water lightly.

Place the pot outside, in a shady spot sheltered from cold winds. This way, your future plant can spend the winter outdoors. When spring arrives, you could transplant the plant into a pot filled with the above-mentioned mixture. Add water regularly so that the substrate is slightly damp. Finally, transplant the honeysuckle into soil (its final location) the following fall.

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