November Nails: Trendy Seasonal Ideas for a Stunning Fall Manicure!

by Stephanie Yankova

What better way to celebrate the coziest time of the year than with a fresh fall manicure in colors that truly reflect the essence of the season? Warm earthy tones, muted red, and minimalist designs are all waiting to find their place on your nails this month! So, ditch your go-to nail colors and embrace one of these trendy ideas for fabulous November nails!

November Nails: Earthy Green

november nails green fall manicure design leaf decoration

As we’re settling into the cozy season it comes naturally to gravitate towards more moody tones that bring us a sense of tranquility and comfort. Dark shades of green are especially well-suited for this season. They have a depth that resonates with the fall atmosphere. Moreover, green has been the favored color in fashion for the last few years, making it the perfect little accessory to keep you on-trend during the upcoming months.

swirly negative space manicure design gree fall november nails

However, if a monochromatic manicure seems too dull for you, you can always spice up your November nails with decorations. Add a little leaf, or incorporate one or two shades of green in an abstract minimalist design. This month less is more!

Nude Manicure with Gold Decorations

minimalist nude november nails gold dot design

Give your hands an elegant minimalist touch with this dainty nude manicure with gold dot decorations. It’s clean and unpretentious, yet refined and rather luxurious. If you’re trying to channel the “old money” aesthetic this fall, these nails could easily be the final touch to your look!

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Elegant Gray Manicure

elegant short gray nails november 2023

If you want to try a color that’s a little unconventional, we suggest you give the 50 shades of gray nails a go! However, keep in mind that this cool-toned manicure suits best those with a warm or neutral undertone. If you have pale skin any light shade of gray will make your hands appear washed out and sickly. Gray nails look beautiful in a combination of pastel and earthy tones, so you can definitely have fun with them!

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Glossy Burnt Orange Nails

short burnt orange nails fall 2023 november manicure ideas

The rich color of fall leaves inspires this stunning deep nail polish shade, making it the perfect seasonal accessory. It’s simply impossible to look at this manicure and not think about soft blankets, and cozy movie nights with a Pumpkin spice latte in hand!

Classy Red

classy red french manicure fall 2023

A French manicure is never out of style, and this stunning red set is an absolute must-have bound to boost any woman’s confidence through the roof!

Pastel Purple

pastel lavender nails november trends 2023

If you’re a fan of muted tones but also want to add a pop of color to your dark fall/winter closet, these violet nails are exactly for you!

Oriental Blue French Tips

striking blue french tips november nails 2023

For those looking to try something playful, yet sophisticated, a bold pop of oriental blue incorporated in a classic French manicure sounds like a winning combination!


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