Layered bowl cut for 50 year old women: a younger look with a simple scissor cut!

by Kremy

It’s 2023 and this year we’re all taking new steps in exciting directions. This means taking risks by changing our personal style. As women of a certain age, we are sometimes hesitant to try more radical and “trendy” changes. However, age is nothing but a number and wearing the latest hairstyles is a must! If you’ve been wanting to change your hairstyle for a while, but are lost with all the options, DeaVita’s team of beauty gurus and hair pros are here to help! Let’s talk about the layered bowl cut, especially for women over 40! Scroll down the page and find your inspiration in the photos.

layered bowl bob bowl

Layered bowl cut: 6 rejuvenating ideas

Hey, the long locks are absolutely gorgeous. However, a trendy short haircut can give you so much confidence and style! It works wonders for women with thin, flat hair like giving volume and texture and makes a drastically positive change to the look! If you’re hesitant to cut your hair that short and regret it, I have an idea. I always recommend our lovely female readers to use a free women’s hair simulator before making a drastic decision. It’s free, accessible and very accurate! Otherwise, let’s get down to business, huh?

Layered bowl bob cut

Layered bowl cut longer at the neck


The bowl cut has many wonderful variations: short, long, layered and so on… But this one imitates the bob haircut while maintaining the bowl cut hairstyle. (See Short hairstyles 2023 to look younger: 6 ultra-trendy versions of the very short bob for women over 50) This will be very flattering for ladies with oval faces and especially, for those with very thick hair. Unfortunately, flat, thin hair will not do justice to this particular hairstyle.

Women’s asymmetrical bowl cut

asymmetrical bowl cut for women

The asymmetrical bowl cut is reminiscent of the rebellious pixie cut, which has been a rock chick staple for decades! The hair is short and layered on top for volume and is shorter at the bottom. Add longer side bangs for an instant youthful look.

Layered bowl cut for thin hair

Layered bowl cut for thin hair

The bowl cut doesn’t have to be boring. Add some layers! Layers are the perfect way to add volume and revive hair. Keep the shape while adding dimension to your hair. Besides, why not try another hair color at the same time? A refreshing haircut deserves a new, rejuvenating hair color!

Short tapered haircut

short layered bowl cut for women


If you don’t like the boldness and stiffness of this hairstyle, then why not try it tapered? It will soften the straight line of the forehead and give it a more romantic and relaxed look. The way the bangs will fall on your forehead more flattering for people with a small forehead. Another tip: bangs are a natural botox, did you know that? It successfully conceals fine lines and wrinkles without further intervention. However, if you are interested in the best anti-aging serum after 40 to help you in this process, check our article on the subject!

Original bowl cut

hairstyle trend woman 50 years old 2023

The original bowl cut is both bold and casual. It can be suitable for a formal and professional outfit as well as for a coffee outing. However, the original is meant for women with very thick hair. Ask your hairdresser what is the best length and shape for you.

Short haircut with bangs for women over 50

makeover hairstyle woman 50 years old

Finally, we come to the bowl cut with all its bangs variations. Side bangs, wavy bangs, layered bangs, baby bangs, etc. There is a plethora of wonderful ideas for you to choose from. Also, as we said before, you already know that bangs are a natural anti-wrinkle Do not hesitate to experiment with the lengths and widths of bangs. But a little advice on the type of bangs and the shape of the face. Square faces and heart-shaped faces look best with light bangs, while oval faces look best with rounded bangs. Round faces can take advantage of the curtain bangs and side bangs trend, while diamond faces can go with anything.




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