Garcon Haircut – THE Short Hairstyle Trend for Spring Summer 2023

by Kremy

Garcon haircut appeared back in the 20s, but to this day is considered fashionable and attractive because of the mischievous boyish length and French charm. For the past few years we have seen the return of many retro hairstyles and the garcon haircut is THE short hairstyle trend for Spring Summer 2023. Are you tempted to opt for a short hairstyle? Then stay with us and find out all the advantages and styling options for the charming garcon haircut!

What Is a Garcon Haircut?

garcon haircut the short hairstyle trend spring 2023

First thing first! What is a garcon haircut? This is an important question because many women do not make a difference between a garcon and a pixie or a boyish haircut. Yes, garcon and pixie haircuts have many similarities. But what is difference? While the pixie is textured, with a messier look, the classic garcon haircut is characterized with strands that lie under one line. Nowadays garcon hairstyles feature a different length of the front, back, and sides. Modern garcon hairstyles can be choppy, with long or ultra short bangs so before going to the salon, look at the photos below and choose your next short hairstyle.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Garcon Hairstyles?

what are the advantages and disadvantages of garcon hairstyles


Garson hairstyles are perfect for busy women and women who want a low maintenance haircut which does not require complex styling. Here are some of the advantages of this short hairstyle:

  • It emphasizes the neck and facial features;
  • The haircut is easy to style;
  • Suitable for women of any age;
  • It is a short haircut that can make an older woman look younger;
  • Depending on the variation it can add volume to the hair.

We have to look at the disadvantages as well. On the first place, you need regular visits to the hair salon for trimming the haircut. This hairstyle is not suitable for everyone because it can emphasize the disadvantages of the face and figure just as much as it highlights the best facial features. The haircut is not recommended to women with curly unruly hair and curvy women. The ultra-short version of the haircut is not suitable for women with square and rectangular face shape.

Who Can Wear a Garcon Haircut?

who can wear a garcon haircut

This hairstyle is flattering to women with oval face. As mentioned above, one of the advantages of the haircut is that it suits women of any age and can make older women look younger. It is the perfect for straight hair. If you have wavy hair, think of an elongated version of the haircut.

Classic Garson Haircut

classic garcon haircut trendy short hairstyles

The classic garcon haircut creates a fragile and feminine look. It emphasizes the graceful curve of the neck and cheekbones. The haircut is smooth and you can wear it with long or short bangs.

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Elongated Garson Hairstyle

elongated garcon hairstyle short haircut trends


This is a great variation for women who do not dare to make radical changes. In the area of the crown, temple and nape the haircut is made a little shorter.

Ultra-Short Garcon Haircut

trendy short hairstyles 2023 ultra short garcon

The ultra short version of the garcon haircut is bold and one of the most demanding in terms of facial features. It reveals them so if you want to hide any flaws, this is not your hairstyle. This ultra short haircut strongly resembles the Pixie haircut. The hair length is minimal in all lines from the nape to the temple and is usually cut with very short baby bangs.

Garcon Haircut in Trendy Color

trendy short hairstyles 2023 ideas

Create a light effect of coloring with fashionable tones. You can opt for a trendy hair color like copper red, for example. Dark hair with subtle highlights is another option.

What Bangs Are Suitable for Garcon Hairstyles?

short hairstyles 2023 trends garcon haircuts with bangs

Bangs are a good way to correct the face and high forehead. Depending on the desired effect, you can experiment with shorter and longer bangs in a haircut. As we know, bangs can change not only the hairstyle but the appearance of a woman. What bangs are suitable for garcon hairstyles? Short bangs look sexy and playful. Elongated bangs that cover the eyebrows are a good choice for mature women who would like to hide forehead wrinkles and focus the attention on their eyes.

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