The Bowl Cut 2024 Is Back Once Again! Which Version to Choose?

by Kremy

Appearing for the first time in the 13th-14th century, the bowl cut is back (again) in 2023/2024. About fifty years have passed since its last great reinvention by the immortal hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, whose short feminine haircuts were his lovechildren! How has it evolved over time and how can you wear a contemporary version?

Bowl Cut 2024 and Its Many Magnificent Variations

bowl cut 2024 hair trends androgynous hairstyle both sexes

Bowl, porringer… whatever the specific vessel from which it takes its name, this haircut of medieval origin is nowadays suitable for both men and women. Its emblematic feature? It can’t go unnoticed! But that’s not all the androgynous hair style has to offer… Not only does it lend itself to a variety of modern interpretations, but it’s easy to maintain and suitable for all hair types and face shapes too. In short, the bowl cut is universal!

bowl cut 2024 hair trend hairstyles woman history style

Obviously, if you decide to opt for the bowl cut in 2024, you should not put a bowl on your head and call your best friend, even if the specific shape is easy to achieve without any skill. It’s better to use the services of an experienced hairdresser, as we’re no longer in the Middle Ages. A professional will be able to easily personalize the style according to your face shape and hair type, and will give you lots of useful maintenance advice as a bonus.

What Bowl Cut Should You Get?

bowl cut for women 2024 hair trends hairstyle

Whether you associate the bowl cut with 15th century clergy, Joan of Arc, the Beatles or Linda Evangelista, one thing is certain. It has a unique character and choosing it in 2024 will be a winning strategy to catch attention and stay trendy. What are the variations to consider?

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The Classic Androgynous Bowl with Tonsure

bowl cut hair trend hairstyle woman man androgynous

Traditional and contemporary at the same time, the classic bowl which is adorned with a tonsure on the neck and temples is perfect for starting 2024 with a bang. Better yet, it works for both girls and guys!

top hair trends 2024 bowl cut

This style, which is closest to the bowl cut of the past, is decidedly rebellious! It can be described as very artistic and people of both sexes will find it somewhat liberating too.

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The Pixie Cut Style Bowl Cut

2024 hairstyle trends short hair bowl cut for women

Halfway between the pixie haircut and the feminine bowl, this long variation is very chic and super sexy at the same time. The rounded shape is preserved but there are also tapered strands adding volume, which is simply perfect for women with fine hair.

2024 hair trends short hairstyle bowl cut for women

Keep in mind that this type of hybrid interpretation is quite forgiving in terms of facial shape – the greater the volume at the top of the head and the longer the sides, the more suitable the bowl cut is for a round face.

The Absolutely Eye-Catching Asymmetrical Version

asymmetrical bowl cut 2024 short hairstyle trends

Bowl cut 2024 can also have a trendy asymmetrical shape, which makes it even more extravagant than it already is. Add a platinum blonde or other eye-catching color and you will have an absolutely chic and shocking look!

The Sidecut/Undercut Variation

bowl cut 2024 with sidecut hair trends hairstyle

Haircuts with undercut or sidecut are the other extremely popular styles of recent years and their idea, which is a shaved nape or side respectively, goes very well with the bowl. Combining the two styles gives a less avant-garde result, but just as modern and attractive, certainly worth considering.

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