Hair Experts Reveal What Kind of Bangs are Best for an Aging Face!

by Stephanie Yankova

Bangs or no bangs? An age-old question that keeps women up at night wondering whether a single chop can erase all memory of the person they used to be so they can start anew. If it can do that, does that mean it can also shed a few years off our appearance? Is this the rejuvenating hack we’ve all been looking for that’s been just a pair of scissors away this whole time? If so, what kind of bangs are best for an aging face? Find our expert answers below! 

woman over 50 updo hairstyle side swept bangs

Do Older Ladies Look Better With Bangs?

As we age, our hair tends to get progressively thinner, our scalp gets drier, and many women begin to experience hair loss. Once this process begins, a common question arises – what haircut can I get to conceal those issues? Experts suggest a very simple solution – bangs. This is the perfect hack for masking scarce hair spots on your crown, as well as your forehead. Not only that, but they will also draw attention away from the fine lines on your face, making it look much more youthful.

What Kind of Bangs are Best for an Aging Face?

wavy layered bob wispy bangs woman over 50

Am I going to regret getting bangs? This is a question almost every woman has asked herself, and those who have gone through with it have polarizing opinions. In reality, it’s not a question of whether you will look good with bangs or not, but which ones will suit you best. In order to determine that, it’s best to consult with a professional hairdresser. They will take into consideration your face shape, the texture of your hair, and the amount of work you are willing to put into maintenance, as you can probably guess, bangs are a serious commitment! Still not sure about making this choice? Let’s look at some examples of the best bangs with an instant rejuvenating effect!

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Side Swept Bangs

long bob medium length hair side swept bangs woman over 50

Bangs are bound to add a playful touch to pretty much any haircut. One of the most suitable choices for mature women, however, is the side-swept bangs. If you have a slim face with defined edges, it will help soften your features and as a result make your appearance more youthful. Because they are cut in layers, they create the illusion of thicker and healthier hair, which is a huge bonus if you are struggling with hair thinning. Side-swept bangs are also a great option if you want to draw more attention to your eyes and away from the lower portion of your face.

Curtain Bangs

long blond hair curtain bangs woman over 50 rejuvenating hairstyle

Curtain bangs caused a furor in 2023 and became one of the most sought-after haircuts for women of all ages. But why exactly are they so popular? For starters, curtain bangs are incredibly versatile, as they can be easily adapted to any hair type and face shape. They frame the face and bring out your features, which naturally makes your appearance more flattering. The best part – they are incredibly easy to maintain and grow out, without any awkward stages!

Choppy Bangs

what kind of bangs are best for an ageing face long choppy bangs woman over 40

You all remember Jane Birkin’s signature playful choppy bangs, don’t you? Not only do they make your appearance more youthful, but are also a great way to preserve your thinning hair, especially if you prefer to maintain long locks. However, keep in mind that choppy bangs are quite pretentious, and they only suit those with straight hair.

Layered Bangs

voluminous short bob straight choppy bangs woman over 60

If there is one advice I could give all women of age who want to have full and healthy-looking hair, it would be to cut it in layers! This will instantly create the optical illusion of volume, especially if you opt for a bowl cut, a long pixie, or a short French bob. Adding layered bangs will conceal the wrinkles around your forehead, which will immediately take a couple of years off your looks!

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