Pageboy haircut for women: whether short or long, this hairstyle is fashionable and creates a confident look

by Kremy

The pageboy haircut for women is back and it looks like it’s going to be bigger (and better) than ever! This hairstyle flatters women of all ages, and although the cut is best for women with straight hair, it can be customized to your preferences and complement your hair texture. Even a short pageboy hairstyle can look very feminine, fun, and flirty, and this article will prove that.

Pageboy haircut for women – where does this hairstyle come from?

Pageboy hairstyles for women where does this hairstyle come from

The pageboy haircut gets its name because it is believed to be reminiscent of the English pages of the Middle Ages. It became popular in the 70’s and 80’s. A few decades later, it’s regaining popularity and women are excited to try something new. The original haircut is typically worn short to medium length and features straight hair that hangs over the ears. The pageboy haircut is often combined with bangs. However, the exciting news is that there are now multiple versions of the haircut. You can keep the classic approach or go for something modern and adventurous. Read on to discover the many sides of this bold and attractive style!

Classic pageboy haircut for women with bangs and medium length

Classic pageboy cut for women with bangs and medium length


First popularized in the 1970s, the classic pageboy haircut was cut to about shoulder length with the tips rolled inward to create volume. The look was also paired with bangs that were often full and cut straight across the face. If you love original style, this is the look for you!

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Short pageboy hairstyle for women, perfect for thin hair

Short pageboy hairstyles for women perfect for fine hair

The pageboy hairstyle is often worn at shoulder length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Short hair for women is incredibly chic while being low maintenance and effortless to style. Cutting hair shorter, around ear level, can draw attention to the jawline and cheekbones, which can be incredibly flattering. This is also a perfect option for women with thin or fine hair.

Pixie pageboy hairstyle is a modern version

Pixie Pageboy Hairstyle is a modern version of the classic haircut

The pixie pageboy haircut for women is a short hairstyle that is longer on top and styled with blunt bangs while the back and sides are worn shorter. This look suits women of all ages and is easy to adapt to different face shapes and hair textures. For a chic twist, you can combine elements of the pixie cut with your hairstylist to create a modern version of the classic cut.

Ladies with fine hair can benefit from the layered hairstyle

The layered pageboy haircut for women

Layers can be incorporated into all hair textures and lengths. They can be cut to be choppy and eye-catching, or delicate and subtle to complement your haircut. The layered pageboy haircut for women is a hairstyle that benefits from subtle layers to create movement and add volume. For fine and thin hair, this is a great way to create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

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Messy pageboy haircut gives extra volume to your waves

Messy pageboy haircut gives your waves extra volume

Messy hair does not mean that the hair is unkempt, but rather that it is cut and styled in an intentionally unstructured manner. This gives your hair volume and natural bounce, which can be incredibly flattering. Cut on straight hair, the classic pageboy haircut is neat and polished, but this option creates a hairstyle that’s new and exciting.

Blonde short hairstyle with blunt edges and bangs

Blonde short hairstyle with blunt edges and bangs

Pageboy haircut – short and blonde: Blonde hair is gorgeous and a great way to dress up your look. Whether you’re naturally blonde or decide to dye your hair, color is a great way to emphasize the precision of any cut and make it even more eye-catching. A pageboy hairstyle with blunt edges and bangs is the ideal choice.

Bob and pageboy haircut share many similarities

The bob and pageboy haircut have many similarities

The bob and the pageboy haircut have a lot in common. Both are worn at about the same length and paired with bangs. You can combine elements from both hairstyles for a timeless and feminine look. This is an option that suits women of all ages and is a perfect way to draw attention to your face and accentuate your features. It can also be easily adjusted to suit your face shape and hair texture.

Long pageboy hairstyle for women with thick hair

more modern version of the pageboy haircut

For a more modern version of the pageboy haircut, you can try an elongated cut. This variation is longer than the traditional look and is ideal for women who want to try this haircut but are not ready to cut their hair short. If you have thick hair, it can also be flattering to wear it a little longer, and you can add layers and bangs to take away some of the weight.

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