Fall-winter 2023 fashion trend: Here’s how to wear the bohemian skirt during the cool season

by Anjelina

Ah, the Bohemian skirt… this airy and ever fashionable piece seduces fashion girls in spring and summer. Personally, it gives me a feeling of well-being and allows me to wear every outfit with lightness. Yes, but the warm seasons are far enough and we are currently filling up with cozy clothes. So why am I talking to you today about the Bohemian skirt? Because you can wear it in autumn and, believe it or not, in winter too (it depends of course on your chilly nature). With a sweater, a faux fur coat, a pair of boots … I explain and show you in pictures how to wear this star piece of the fall-winter 2023 fashion trend!

Fall-winter 2023 fashion trend: How to wear a Bohemian skirt?

fall 2023 fashion trend how to wear a bohemian skirt during the cool season

Natural and colorful fabrics, loose and flowing clothes, floral patterns… Bohemian fashion has been around for 200 years. Yes, it is much older than we thought. Very often associated with young people, writers and artists, this lifestyle is quite widespread today and has gained followers all over the world. However, it is especially within the fashion world where its presence is strongest. For example, the Bohemian chic 2022 style has been all the rage last summer and will continue to do so during the cold months to come. On the agenda today: what to wear the Bohemian skirt with according to the fall-winter 2023 fashion? My favorite outfits!

The Bohemian leopard skirt is worn with a pair of Converse and a cozy sweater

bohemian leopard skirt worn with a pair of Converse and a cozy sweater


Does this combination seem strange to you? Then, contrary to what we tend to believe, it is quite possible to associate a skirt with a sweater. What’s more, we continue to wear leopard print in the fall-winter to stay on top of the 2023 fashion trends. For optimal comfort, it is better to opt for your favorite converse to wear a casual style. With or without tights, it really depends on how you handle the upcoming cool season.

The trendy skirt 2023 goes with cowgirl boots

trendy skirt 2023 goes with cowgirl boots

A must-have in the girls’ wardrobe, this star piece embodies the free spirit, but also the underestimated western fashion. It has recently made a comeback on the fashion scene by taking the latest trends by storm. And I reveal the easiest way to wear it, thanks to only two pieces in vogue. First, it’s the women’s cowgirl boots, the must-have shoes of the fall-winter 2022/2023 fashion trend. Secondly, the asymmetrical Bohemian skirt to enhance the cowboy boots.

White sneakers with a Bohemian denim skirt

white sneakers with a bohemian denim skirt

The Bohemian skirt comes in a few materials in order to meet the preferences of each girl. Such is the case of the denim maxi skirt whose length is ideal for a trendy fall-winter 2023 outfit. In this case, I advise you to avoid flashy colors and instead opt for a neutral colored top like gray. Another useful tip is to clean white sneakers regularly so they keep their shiny look for as long as possible.

The faux fur coat looks good with all types of skirts

fall-winter 2023 fashion trend faux fur coat is suitable for all types of skirts

The Bohemian chic midi skirt can be worn with a faux fur coat as well as with a leather or denim jacket. Although the fall/winter season rhymes with dark days, dark colors are out of the question. On the contrary, bring sunshine and light to your fall-winter 2023 trend outfit with light and cheerful shades. My top tip? Go for the ash pink that exudes a powdery softness!

On the shoe side, women’s shoes in winter 2023 have a lot to surprise us. I highly recommend the platform booties as they are perfect for rainy days, provide optimal comfort and give a sharp touch to every look!

Fall-winter 2023 fashion trend – Photo Gallery

long brown boho skirt white sweater and a hat

Jennifer Lopez opted for a boho chic denim skirt

Jennifer Lopez boho chic denim skirt

Bright long skirt 2023 fashion trend

bright color skirt 2023 fashion trend

Leather jacket, airy floral skirt and cowboy boots

Leather jacket airy floral skirt and cowboy boots

Don’t hesitate to wear the floral boho skirt with an oversized sweater

floral boho skirt with an oversized sweater

Long Bohemian skirt and black ankle boots

long bohemian skirt black ankle boots

Trendy skirt and a brown jacket

trendy skirt fashionable combination brown jacket

Beige skirt for a minimalist boho outfit

straight beige skirt for a minimalist boho outfit

The pleated skirt is also worn in boho chic style this fall/winter

fall-winter 2023 fashion trend long gray white sweater

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