Asymmetrical bangs 2023: Find out how to style them and if this hairstyle is really for you!

by Kristiyana

If you need a change, opt for a new haircut. It will certainly give your appearance a neat and trendy touch. However, if you’re not ready for anything major, you can cut your bangs alone. Then comes the serious question: Which bangs should I choose according to my face shape? Straight, curtain, mini? Why not try asymmetrical bangs? It’s really something amazing! Let’s find out how to style them and if they are really for you!

What are asymmetrical bangs?


Asymmetrical bangs is a hairstyle where one side of the bangs is shorter than the other. This creates a unique and modern look and adds interest to the overall haircut. The length of asymmetrical bangs can vary and can be combined with different hair lengths and textures. Who can wear them? Almost anyone! It’s a super refreshingly girly look, but when you’re past 40, it’s also a great way to appear younger.

Which haircut should I choose?



Asymmetrical bangs can be combined with a variety of haircuts to create a unique and stylish look. But first you need to think about your face shape. You can’t just pick a photo you like and ask your hairdresser to recreate it. Choosing the right style for you should be based on your personal look. So here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Asymmetrical pixie cut

asymmetrical-pixie-cut for 40-year-old-woman

One of the easiest ways to adopt asymmetrical bangs is to combine them with a pixie cut. They look amazing together! Plus, it’s a great trend in 2023 that’s suitable for all ages. In terms of face shape, this haircut is best suited for women with oval, heart-shaped and slightly angular faces. You can easily style this cut by using a hair mousse.

Asymmetrical tapered fringe


An asymmetrical tapered fringe suits all types of faces, especially those that are square or angular. This is due to its blurred appearance, which adds softness to the face. This type of fringe is even easier to style. All you need is a hair dryer and a round brush.

Short asymmetrical bangs



If you’re wondering which asymmetrical bangs to choose for a round face, go for the short side ones. In its tapered version, it is THE style to adopt to refine the face. It goes well with a long, layered haircut as well as with short haircuts (the latter is more suitable for oval faces).

Long asymmetrical fringe


It’s probably the trendiest style of all and works perfectly with the timeless French haircut, and not just that—the bob in all its forms. Style it with curlers or a straightening iron for a guaranteed “wow” effect.

Asymmetrical bangs on curly hair


Do you have a curly mane? No problem! You can still enjoy the more or less daring haircut. In this case, it will give you a retro look, which is a big trend this year. Imagine wearing a polka dot dress with this short haircut and maybe a headband? Super cute, wouldn’t you agree?

Anti-ageing haircut


Anti-wrinkle creams, facial yoga, homemade face masks, contouring, Gua Sha massage, etc. There are many ways to rejuvenate yourself without surgery. But there’s nothing like a haircut with bangs. It will hide the wrinkles on your forehead and will certainly make you look younger.


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