Winter Coat Trends 2023/2024: The 9 Must-Have Pieces

by Kristiyana

What coats are trending for winter 2023? Are puffer jackets in style for 2024? What about trench coats?

Every real fashionista has to be up-to-date on the latest trends, and as winter slowly settles in, it’s high time we buy ourselves a new fancy coat, don’t you think? Preview on the winter coat trends for 2023/2024.

Winter Coat Trends 2023/2024: Which Are the Must-Have Pieces?

winter coat trends 2023 2024

Those of you who are very familiar with the winter coat trends for 2022, might be surprised to see some stars from the past, but what can we say – some pieces have earned themselves extra time on the catwalk! From boujee long coats, to comfy, yet diverse puffer jackets,’s fashion experts offer an option for every style with the must-haves winter coat trends for 2023/2024!

The Robe Coat Trend for Winter 2023/2024

robe style coats

According to Vogue, robe coats, and especially shearling ones, will be all the rage this winter season. This piece will keep you warm during the cold weather, and offer you with many possibilities for elegant looks. The color is, of course, also important. One in buttercream or powder blue is highly recommended.

Animal Prints Are Still Trending This Season

animal prints are in style this winter

Good news for all you girls out there who are wondering how to show off your wild side in the cold weather. The animal print coat is here to cure you of your winter blues and bring all eyes on you while you are going for croissants in the morning or doing some afterwork Christmas shopping. Cheetah, leopard or even glossy snakeskin, these coats are here to add a vintage touch to your winter wardrobes.

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Floor-Sweeping Coats in Winter 2023/2024

winter coat trends floor sweeping model

If you are like me, and know that the winter season can’t stop you from wearing your mini leather skirts or tight-fitted dresses, then the floor-sweeping coat trend is just what you need to stay sexy and warm! It gives you a full-body coverage, while at the same time offering you with an effortlessly elegant look for running errands or attending dinner parties.

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Are Puffer Jackets in Style 2024?

statement puffer coats trend 2023 2024

Puffer jackets have been seen in the cold-weather wardrobes of many fashionistas in the last few years, but will this continue on? You bet so! This comfy and stylish outwear piece will still be the choice of many in the following winter 2023/2024. Metallic or lacquered puffer jackets are the styles to opt for right now. If you do however choose to wear one from such a material, make sure the rest of your outfit is more subdued to strike a balance.

High-Quality Leather Trench Coat Trend

leather coats trend winter 2023 2024

Our devoted readers already know how to wear the classic trend coat for fall 2023, but should you opt for a statement leather one in the winter season? Most definitely! This winter calls for a high-quality investment in a leather trench coat that you can always count on to keep you looking stylish and warm. And it literally goes with everything! Try it for yourselves.

Winter Coat Trends 2023/2024: The Classic Camel Piece

the classic camel coat is always in style

I recently saw my bestie wearing a camel coat and told here she looks very stylish in it, to which she replied “Well of course I do, this piece is a classic!” and she’s right! This garment has a timeless appeal for a reason, whether you choose the double-breasted or belted version. Wearing it in winter 2023/2024 is your safe way to a classy, yet trendy look.

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Checkered coats will also be seen on many fashionistas this winter

checkered coat fashion trend for winter

Plaid coats for a cheerful mood in the cold gray weather

plaid coats for winter trends 2023 2024

Chic and colorful pieces for winter coat trends 2023/2024

coats in bright vibrant colors pink

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