How to Channel the Mob Wife Aesthetic in 2024? Discover the Latest Tiktok Trend!

by Kremy

It’s been just three weeks of the new year, and there we are: we have a new fashion trend going viral on TikTok: mob wife aesthetic! After the clean girl, vanilla girl, old money, Barbiecore we are facing a new challenge: the mob wife. Let’s have a closer look at that trend and see how you can recreate it.

how to channel the mob wife aesthetic in 2024

What Is the Mob Wife Aesthetic Trend?

what is the mob wife aesthetic trend

For the past few seasons, the clean girl and quiet luxury style have had a leading position in the fashion arena. The calmness, minimalism, and harmonious looks were valued by those who choose quality over quantity. Both trends were based on things that would last a long time and would not lose their relevance. But what is mob wife aesthetic? Well, it is the opposite of quiet luxury. It’s LOUD luxury. Nothing delicate, nothing restrained, nothing minimalistic! Inspired by the looks of “mob wives” in movies such as Carmella Soprano (The Sopranos), Rosalyn Rosenfeld (American Hustle), Elvira Hancock (Scarface), and Karen Hill (Goodfellas), this aesthetic features animal prints, black leather, faux fur coats, tight jeans and mini-skirts, gold jewelry, big hair, massive sunglasses… well, everything that you thought was kitschy… until now!

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How to Create the Mob Wife Aesthetic?

how to create the mob wife aesthetic

Having in mind that the trend just appeared, for the moment it features the winter style and whether it will last in time for spring and summer, we will have to wait and see. A TikTok video, explaining the new trend has millions of views. Many celebrities have already embraced this trend. Photos of Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber in fur coats went viral. So, if you want to know how to create an outfit in the mob wife aesthetic, here are the basics:

Animal Prints

animal prints mob wife aesthetic trend tiktok

Lots and lots of animal prints! Shirts, dresses, pants – get bold with zebra stripes, leopard print, and snakeskin.

Faux Fur and Long Black Coats

faux fur and long black coats are a must for the mob wife trend

If you were a real-life mob wife, it is very likely that you would have a real fur coat. However, the truth is that real fur has gone out of fashion, and for quite some time, it is not the symbol of status and luxury that it used to be. So, a faux fur coat will do. So will a black leather trench coat.

Heeled Shoes

trendy mob wife winter look leather boots

A mob wife will not wear ballerina flats! Heels are the only choice of footwear. Knee-length black boots are an essential part of the closet, but if they are an element of the trendy mob wife look, they acquire a special charm.

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Mini Skirts

how to channel the mob wife look winter fashion trend

Mini skirts are a very important staple of the look, and the shorter, the better. Combine a black mini skirt with an animal print top, a fur coat, and heeled boots, and you will be right on top of the latest TikTok trend!

The Total Black Look

what is the mob wife fashion trend and how to nail it

Wearing head-to-toe black, as if you’re mourning the death of your fake mob husband, is a must. Choose items that follow the silhouette of the body, such as sophisticated midi and maxi dresses, turtlenecks, black leggings, etc. Complement the all-black outfit with gold jewelry.

Gold, Gold, Gold

wearing gold jewelry is an important part of the mob wife look

Gold bracelets and necklaces, chunky gold hoops, layers of chain necklaces – this is the mob wife style. The more, the better! It’s all about making a statement, so forget about modesty!

Smokey Eye Makeup, Red Lipstick and French Nails

tiktok mob wife trend fashion 2024

Smokey eyes, red lipstick, heavy mascara – does it ring a bell? If you are thinking of the femme fatale, you’d be right! That’s the look – glamorous! Long square French nails are the choice for a manicure.

The Sunglasses

fashion trends 2024 the mob wife aesthetic

To complete the image, always add sunglasses. A luxurious model with a designer logo is what you need.

Final Thoughts

what is mob wife aesthetic

After the dominance of quiet luxury and vanilla girl aesthetics, it seems natural that something more rebellious appears. As with every new trend that explodes on social media, the mob wife aesthetic trend causes quite a lot of debate. While some people believe that the idea of the new trend is to demonstrate the strength and independence, confidence, individuality, and style of the women of mafia bosses, others believe that the trend is more of a marketing trick that has something to do with the 25th anniversary of “The Sopranos” series. Opponents also point out that the mob wife aesthetic, popularized by TikTokers, is actually idolizing organized crime, which is a serious problem in many countries. Who’s right and who’s wrong, can you say? Is the new fashion trend here to stay? Well, let’s wait and see!


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