How to Style Animal Print Over 50: With These Experts’ Tips You Will Look Elegant and Chic

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How to style animal print over 50? Many mature women are wondering is animal print still in style in 2023? Yes, dear ladies, the long-standing love of animal prints is evident and if we have to be honest, they have never really went out of style. It is true that these prints were sort of neglected for the past few years, but there you are – animal patterns are back in the spotlight! Leopard, zebra, cheetah, tiger – there is no shortage of options to choose from!

How to Style Animal Print Over 50 – Outfit Ideas for Mature Ladies

how to style animal print over 50 experts tips to look elegant and chic

Animal print outfits never remain unnoticed. They attract the eyes and the attention, so it is really important to know how to style animal print over 50. Is it easy to look stylish and chic in such an outfit? Yes, if you do not overdo it. Of course, there are no strict rules in fashion, and you can express yourself as you please. Isn’t that great? If you like eclectic fashion style, animal prints will be a great choice for a bold outfit. Do you like funky clothes? Yes, you guessed right! You can wear animal prints and look dazzling! Now, let’s see how to style animal print over 50!

Can You Wear Leopard Print Over 50?

can you wear leopard print over 50


In most cases the leopard print consists of black, sandy or brown. It’s quite a realistic, though reinterpreted version of the animal’s natural skin colors. Can you wear leopard print over 50? How to look stylish? Keeping the three basic colors of the print in mind, you can put together a ton of classic combinations!

Combine the Leopard Print with Black

combine leopard print with black colored garment outfit ideas for women over 50

Every woman has at least one pair of black pants or a skirt in her closet. Pair your animal print shirt with black pants or a pencil skirt, tuck it like a pro, and you’re done!

Pair Leopard Print with Beige and Brown Clothing

pair leopard print with beige and brown garments

Sandy or light brown shades plus leopard is another classic combination. You can wear a light brown or sandy pantsuit with a leopard shirt. You prefer richer colors? Opt for the chocolate shades that are perfect to combine with a leopard shirt, skirt or top.

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Leopard and Denim Outfits

leopard and denim outfits ideas for women over 50

Do you need a casual chic outfit? Denim is versatile and in addition, it tends to calm down animal prints. Combine jeans with a leopard jacket and you can be certain that the print will not look excessive.

How to wear a zebra print over 50?

how to wear a zebra print over 50

When we talk about how to style animal print over 50, we can’t miss the zebra print. This season zebra prints are at the height of fashion and it makes sense to at least try to fit it into your closet. We shall tell you how to style zebra animal print in a variety of outfits.

how to style animal print over 50 zebra print pants outfits for mature women

Buy an expressive piece with a zebra print and create your outfit around it. Pants, a shirt, even a coat – it all depends on what you want. In this case it is very important that the other elements of the outfit were monochrome. The black and white stripes are perfectly combined with a monochromatic base.

eclectic outfits for women over 50 animal prints

If you like to experiment with eclectic outfits, combine the zebra print with another print. The combination of prints always looks bold and attractive, and a woman who knows how to assemble and wear such outfits will definitely be remembered by everyone.

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How to Style Animal Print Over 50 – Choose an Accessory to Your Outfit

victoria beckham leopard print bag and monochromatic outfit

For the most cautious users of animal prints, there is a huge variety of beautiful accessories and shoes to choose from. If you are not sure how to style animal print over 50, it is a great idea to stat with something small and then upgrade. The first option is to start with accessories and shoes. A bag, a pair of shoes – this is more than enough for the first step. How about a scarf or a belt with a leopard or zebra print? Any, even the most boring outfit will instantly look more interesting with an animal print accent.

Stylish Animal Print Outfits for Women Over 50

leopard fashion trend outfit ideas for women over 50

Maxi Skirt Summer Outfit for Mature Ladies

maxi skirt summer outfit for mature ladies

Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat Jeans and White Shirt Outfit

faux fur leopard print coat jeans and white shirt outfit

Casual Chic Outfits for Women Over 50 – Leopard Print Pencil Skirt and Shoes

leopard print skirt and shoes casual chic outfits for women over 50

Trendy Maxi Skirt and Leather Jacket

how to style animal print over 50 trendy maxi skirt and leather jacket

Street Style Fashion for Women Over 50 – Leopard Print Midi Dress

street style fashion for women over 50 leopard print dress

Leopard Fashion Trend: Chic Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50

leopard fashion trend chic outfit ideas for women over 50


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