25+ Summer Pedicure Designs – Which 2023 Nail Art Trend are You Going to Choose?

by Stephanie Yankova

Summer is just around the corner which means that it’s almost time for us to start swapping our sneakers for sandals. I’m sure most of you have already found the perfect pairs to complement all your favorite summer outfits and are waiting in anticipation to take them out for a walk! Or maybe you’re still in the process of browsing through the trendiest shoewear of the season and trying to decide what version of yourself you’re going to channel this upcoming summer (guilty!). But do you know what’s even better than a pair of dazzling shoes that gets me even more excited about the warm weather? A stunning, well-maintained pedicure that will make it almost impossible for you to not have your toes on display at all times! And why wouldn’t you want that? It’s like a little treat, a piece of accessory that you get to show now and then, only when the weather allows for it, so you might as well make the most of it! Enough babbling, let’s get to the fun part and browse through our selection of jaw-dropping, colorful, quirky, and super-modern summer pedicure designs that we can’t wait for you (and us) to try in 2023!

Summer Pedicure Designs to Try Out in 2023

fun colorful neo orange mint blue rainbow colors summer pedicure design trends

This year’s biggest nail trends are focused on abstract interpretations of classic designs, such as neon French tip nails, bold color combinations, vibrant electrical hues, and metallic powders. But what are the designs that are going to look best on your feet this summer? Scroll down to find out!

Neon Reverse French Tips

neon pink yellow reverse french tip summer pedicure design inspo ideas 2023


Unique and quirky, this variation of the timeless French tip design is a fun way to give your toes a stunning summer makeover that’s definitely not going to go unnoticed when you hit the clubs and bars at night!

Peachy Ombre Pedicure Design

neon orange nude ombre summer pedicure design ideas 2023

Ombre nails have definitely been on the rise this year, so get ready to see all kinds of twists to the well-known design that we’ve been wearing and loving for over a decade! This neon peachy color in combination with solid white is a perfect choice for people with tanned skin that’s really going to make your pedicure pop!

Soft Daisy Reverse French Pedicure

gentle minimalist yellow nude matte summer pedicure design daisy flower accent drawing

We’ve seen many versions of the French nails, but this may be our favorite by far! The half-moon daisy flower design is a delicate, subtle detail that adds so much character without being overbearing! Combined with the yellow toes and matte top coat it creates a beautiful floral symphony that’s worthy of admiration!

Neon Animal Prints

neon orange animal print negative space summer pedicure design ideas 2023

We’ve already established that neons are the it-color for nails for summer 2023, but if you’ve already tried all the vibrant colors of the color wheel and want a little more zhuzh, then this is the design for you! This leopard pattern works perfectly with the bright orange nail polish and truthfully speaking – this is something you’re going to catch me wearing this summer by all means!

Ocean-Inspired Pedicure Design

ocean inspired summer pedicure design idea gold leaf modern abstract trendy 2023

What’s summer without beaches and ocean waves? If you’re having tropic fever like me, this pedicure design will help take you one step closer to the white sandy beaches and the smell of crystal clear salty azure ocean water.

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More Summer Pedicure Designs

fun pink summer pedicure idea green leaf watermelon illustration design 2023

Metallic Unicorn Effect Summer Pedicure Design Idea

chrome metallic glazed donut summer pedicure design trendy nail inspo 2023

Matte Neon Blue and Yellow Ombre Pedicure with Black Nail Polish Splashes 

blue neon yellow ombre black nail polish splatter summer pedicure design ideas trends 2023 tanned skin

Minimalist Marble Effect and Gold Leaf Summer Pedicure 

minimalist marble effect gold leaf chic simple summer pedicure design inspo 2023

Quirky Matte Vibrant Purple and Dark Green Pedicure with Leopard Animal Print 

matter purple petrol green animal print summer pedicure ideas 2023

Hot Pink and Silver Glitter Nail Polish Summer Pedicure Design

hot pink silver glitter summer pedicure designs ideas trends 2023

Delicate and Minimalist Negative Space White Dots Summer Pedicure Idea 

negative space white dots summer pedicure design 2023

Awe-Inspiring Hot Pink Pedicure with Panther Animal Print

hot pink black summer pedicure design trends 2023

Eclectic Pedicure with Silver Chrome Powder, Vibrant Colors, Smiley Face Decoration + Cow Print

mismatched eclectic animal print chrome neon colors smiley face summer pedicure design

Reverse French Tip Pedicure with Ombre Pink Metallic Leaf  Design 

reverse french tip purple glitter fun summer pedicure design trends 2023

Mismatched Pastel Pedicure Design with Black Nail Polish Splatters 

pastel colors black nail polish splatters summer pedicure designs trends 2023

Neon Yellow and Ocean Blue Glitter Pedicure Design for Summer 2023 

neon yellow blue glitter fun joyful summer pedicure design trend

Fun Matte Neon Yellow Pedicure with Black Polka Dots 

neon yellow black polka dot summer pedicure design inspo ideas trends 2023

Matte Swirly Rainbow Pedicure Design with Gold Glitter Accents to Try Out in 2023

swirly rainbow matte abstract summer pedicure design trend 2023

Abstract Summer Pedicure Design with Red, White and Black Spots 

splatter dots red white black abstract matte summer pedicure design 2023

Sailor Vibes with a White and Blue Striped pedicure Design + bedazzled Silver Decorations 

white blue stripes silver glitter sea motif summer pedicure design idea 2023

Chic White Summer Pedicure With Accent Cobalt Blue Leopard Animal Print 

white and blue animal print summer pedicure design ideas trendy nails 2023

Silver Glitter Base with White French Tip Design Idea for a Summer Party Pedicure 

silver glitter chrome white french tip pedicure design ideas trendy inspo 2023

Abstract Yellow and Burgundy French Tip Summer Pedicure Design 

yellow nails burgundy french tip abstract summer pedicure design trends 2023

Classic French Tip Pedicure with a Milky White Base 

classic milky white base french tip summer pedicure design 2023

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