20 Unique Ocean Nails Design Ideas Perfect for Summer 2023

by Kristiyana

Summer is a great time to try out something new, whether it’s a hairstyle that is currently trending or a fresh and fabulous manicure design. That being said, nothing really says summer more than getting your nails done in a gorgeous ocean nails design. Today at Deavita.net, we have gathered only the top 20 best ideas out there that can look good on practically anyone, no matter their nail shape or size. Are you ready to make your pick from some gorgeous ocean-inspired nail art?

Unique Ocean Nails Design for Summer 2023

summer nails designs 2023

Up first, we have an amazing ocean nails design that basically has everything a girl can want from a summer manicure. You have different beautiful shades of blue, a mermaid-inspired nail, an aqua nail and of course, super cute ocean-inspired decorations! If you want to look like a serene mermaid, this is the nail look for you.

Blue & Gold Ocean Wave Nail Designs

ocean nails design


For anyone who is looking for something with a bit more sparkle and flare, you will be sure to fall in love with this stunning blue and gold ocean wave nail design. It’s a great look that will also catch the eye of anyone who glances at your nails. The design can be suitable for a shorter nail as well, but the bigger the size, the more of you get to see from this striking nail art.

Artistic Ocean Nails Design 2023

ocean waves nail art design

Do you prefer nail art that is more detailed? I completely get you. While intricate manicure designs may take up more time to complete, they are surely worth it as you get an outstanding and unique work of art just for you. Having this ocean nail art design done for your nails in summer 2023 will certainly put you in the spotlight. And it looks great on short nails!

Palm Tree Ocean Summer Nails

beach nails design 2023

Another element that also calls to the best season of the year are palm trees. I mean, how can you have the perfect summer nails design without one? This summer 2023, opt for cute ombre-like ocean nails and have one nail done with a palm tree nail art as the accent in your gorgeous mani. Super cure, right?

Stunning Oceanic Glass Manicure

long ocean nails

I just can’t get enough of the coffin/ ballerina nail shape! My saved files on Pinterest are filled with images of these gorgeous nails. A coffin or ballerina shape certainly gives you a statement look, and with the right tutorial you can file them easily. An oceanic glass manicure will look absolutely stunning with this trendy nail shape, don’t you think?

Cute Beach Nails Design 2023

blue nail designs

Looking for a more beachy nail design? To enjoy your summer vacation at the beach house to the fullest, opt for these adorable water-spotted beach nails with gold embellishments and pearls. This beautiful design would look great on an oval or almond nail shape.

Ocean-inspired Abstract French Tips

coffin nails with french ocean tips

Can’t get enough of the abstract French nails trend? Then try this mesmerizing ocean-inspired abstract French tips manicure! The gorgeous nail art offers you with a super original mani perfect for the summer. And if you are sporting the coffin/ballerina nail shape, all the better.

Mesmerizing Sparkly Ocean Waves Design

ocean blue nails design

If you are in need of another summer nails design with some sparkle, I bet you will like this mesmerizing sparkly ocean waves manicure. Can you just picture how these nails will shine under the hot summer sun? I sure can. And the stunning manicure can also be pulled off by girls with shorter nails.

Sandy Polish with Beachy Water Spots

ocean nails summer 2023

Let’s include a beautiful nude colour in your next summer mani, shall we? A lot of ocean nails designs don’t feature sand, but this one does. A sandy nail polish will add a unique touch to your beach or ocean-inspired manicure. You can have one nail done to represent the ocean sand, and complete it with an eye-catching golden sea star embellishment.

Wavy French Tips Summer Manicure

the great wave nail art

For a dashing twist on the classic French tips look, opt for ocean wave-inspired French nail tips. It’s a simple enough design, yet offers you with a chic and cute summery look. You can even try doing this ocean nails design at home by yourself with a little practice. Don’t forget the sparkle!

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