Fun Blue Nails 2024: Dive Deep Into the Hottest Nail Craze of the New Year

by Kristiyana

Which will be the hottest nail trends in the coming 2024? What color will we see on the hands of every fashionista?

In the year to come, we will be diving deep into the blue nail art world with fun and original designs that will be nothing compared to what you have previously encountered. Forget about Barbie pink manicures and cherry reds, now is the time to find your inner little mermaid and swim effortlessly with the waves of the changing 2024 sea. We give you Fun Blue Nails.

Fun Blue Nails 2024: Dive Deep Into the Hottest Nail Craze of the New Year

unique blue nail art with stars chezmissnasty

What are Fun Blue Nails all about? Some of us might have lost our hope during the crazy mishap of events that was and still is 2023. The color blue is for the dreamers. For anyone who needs a small beacon of hope to continue fighting their inner battles. And yea, sometimes even a cute new manicure be that beacon. Plus, adding a dash of fun and playfulness makes everything better! Let’s swim for it!

Fun Blue Sky Nails 2024

fun sky blue nails springwithfriends

Up first, we have a fun blue nails design that I like to call “Starry night”. Picture yourself standing beneath the stars on a warm summer night out in the open. You look up, and the stars here are nothing like the ones you see in the city. This is your manicure inspiration for 2024! Dream big.

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Tinsel Tips

Trendy Sea Blue Nail Art

sea blue nails sansungnails

For those of you who have an ocean or sea wave tattoo anywhere on your body (which reminds me, I still haven’t scheduled my tattoo appointment!) this is the nail design to go right with it! Sea and ocean blue nails are not only for summer, you know. Personally, I find them inspiring and hopeful, and isn’t that the attitude that we want to bring into the new year?

Gradient Short Blue Matte Nails

adorable gradient blue nail art with hearts for short nails gara.nails

For girles who prefer the more practical and easy-to-maintain short nail look, a gradient fun blue nails design with a matte finish would add sophisticated chic to your appearance. For something more playful, add cute hearts to each nail.

Fun Blue Nails for Winter 2023/24

blue winter nails thehotblend

Want to start the new year with a bang? Don’t wait for 2024, but get a fun blue nails design now with some beautiful wintry features! This version of the French manicure is classy, sophisticated, yet chic. White and navy blue work great together. Snowflakes are the perfect addition to complete your winter manicure.

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More Inspiring Fun Blue Nails Designs to Kick Off 2024

fun blue nail art tamaminails

Unique light blue French tips 

original blue french tips thenaillologist

Classy long blue nails for 2024

classy blue nails nailedbyelizabeth

Cute Boho fun blue nail art design

fun blue nail art jodiesbeaute

Trendy ombre blue nails 

long ombre blue nails livinglacquered

Hot blue aura nails with French tip accent

blue aura nails heavensentevelyn

Shiny light blue nail art with flames 

shiny light blue nails with flames nails by emilie

Festive blue manicure with glitter

sparkly blue nails designs woodlandshairandbeauty

One-of-a-kind fun blue nail art idea

fun blue nail art 2023 2024 sansungnails

Cool chic navy blue manicure

fun unique blue nails samiraradmehr

Blue marble nails with gold

marble and gold blue nails

Shiny blue gradient manicure

gradient blue nail art by beautyspace charlotte

Fun & chic blue nail art design

beautiful royal blue nails

Blue nails design with florals 2024

amazing blue nail art rebekahxpritchard

Abstract blue French tips 

fun blue nails charsgelnails

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