Bixie Haircut 2024: Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women of All Ages

by Kremy

Choosing a beautiful and trendy hairstyle for short hair is always a little more difficult than choosing one for long hair. Those of you who follow the trends know that short hairstyles have been ultra fashionable in 2023. However, it’s time to turn our eyes on the cuts that will keep their top positions next year. We start with the bixie haircut 2024 and its variations for women of all ages, hair texture, and face shape!

Bixie Haircut 2024: The Most Fashionable Short Hairstyles

bixie haircut 2024 the most fashionable short hairstyles

Properly selected hairstyles make us more confident, accent our best features, and give us a whole new look. Some are especially suitable for older ladies because they make them look younger. A new hairstyle is a simple and effective way not only to refresh your look but also to make small changes in your life. If you feel ready for a change, keep reading because we will be discussing the variations of the bixie haircut 2024.

bixie haircut 2024 short hairstyle trends

Growing our hair is a long process, and when we feel the urge for a change, we usually decide to shorten it. This is, actually, good news, because the latest hair trends are all about naturalness, slight carelessness, easy maintenance, and styling. Longer than a pixie and too short for a bob, the bixie haircut has won the hearts of many women.

How To Choose a Bixie Haircut for Your Face Shape and Hair Type?

how to choose a bixie haircut for your face shape

Bixie looks great on women with both straight and wavy hair. With a hint of a shaggy cut, the bixie features multiple layers that add volume and texture. This haircut is considered universal and suitable for all face shapes and hair types, as well as for women of any age. However, a certain variation may hide your advantages, so taking into account your face shape and hair structure is always a good starting point. Here are some guidelines:

bixie haircut for round face shape
  • Bixie for round faces: opt for a layered haircut, which will help you create a more elongated look. If you want to add bangs, go for long bangs covering the cheekbones.
  • Square faces: Choose a textured bixie variation that will make your facial features softer.
  • Heart-shaped face: you need to balance out your forehead and chin, so opt for the classic version of the haircut.
  • Oval face shape: Any bixie style is suitable and will look great on you, so feel free to experiment!

Bixie with Bangs

bixie with bangs short hairstyles 2024

Bixie with bangs is just perfect! This hairstyle definitely does not look boring. You can go for long or short bangs, depending on your preferences. Short bangs will emphasize the facial features and hair texture and visually add volume. Long bangs, however, can help to hide wrinkles, which is important for women after a certain age. Bixie with curtain bangs combines the two major hair trends of 2023.

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Long Bixie Haircut

long bixie haircut trendy hairstyles 2024

A long bixie reminds of a bob. If you need to add volume to the hair and create a light and airy look, go for the long bixie cut. Bangs will add an original touch to this haircut, help you balance your face shape, and emphasize its advantages.

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Asymmetrical Bixie

asymmetrical bixie haircut for older women trendy short hairstyles 2024

An asymmetrical hairstyle with longer or shorter bangs will give volume to thin hair. As with any asymmetrical hairstyle, the hair on one side is left longer and on the other side is shorter. Bolder ladies often opt for an undercut of their bixie. For a softer and more feminine look, leave the back, as well as the side strands, a bit longer.

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Bixie Haircut 2024 on Wavy and Curly Hair

bixie haircut 2024 on wavy and curly hair

A bixie haircut looks chic and stylish on curly hair! Short curls make the hairstyle more voluminous, so if you’ve long wanted to try wearing your curls short, this is the perfect option. Keep in mind that a bixie on wavy or curly hair looks very beautiful with a small and thin face, but if you have a chubby face, it is better to try other hairstyles that will flatter your features.

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How to Style Your Bixie Haircut 2024?

styling a bixie haircut 2024

Styling a bixie haircut is very easy. Depending on the variation, it may take you less than five minutes. If you opt for a short bixie, you can use a variety of styling products to enhance the texture of your hair. On a particularly busy morning, simply wet your hands and run them through your hair – the bixie will look stylish and modern without any effort.

how to style your bixie haircut 2024

Longer variations can be curled, straightened, or blow-dried into a voluminous hairstyle, depending on your mood. You can also change the parting of the bangs to give a totally new look to your hairstyle.

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