Medium Haircuts for Women 2024: The TOP Hairstyle Trends for Active and Stylish Ladies

by Kremy

Many hair stylists consider medium length to be universal, as it goes with all face shapes. This length is very practical, does not require a lot of effort to style, but at the same time allows a variety of fashionable haircuts and hairstyles. You can also experiment with shades, parting, bangs and highlights, and choose the variation that suits you. What are the top medium haircuts for women 2024? Find out below!

Medium Haircuts for Women 2024 – Naturalness and a Touch of Carelessness

medium haircuts for women 2024 top hairstyle trends

What outfit to choose, what makeup to wear, how to style your hair – these are the important issues for every woman, no matter whether she gets ready for a party, a formal event, a day at the office, or a night out with friends. Trends are changing fast, and it is difficult to keep up with them. If you are looking for a hairstyle that combines practicality and style, is low-maintenance, but allows room for creativity, one of the top medium haircuts for women 2024 is exactly what you need! For several seasons now, naturalness has been fashionable. Natural, light and airy hairstyles are trending, and the accent is on texture, root volume, smooth lines, and dynamism.

trendy hairstyles 2024 medium lngth haircuts

So, what will be the most fashionable medium length hairstyles in 2024? Stylists predict several interesting trends: an emphasis on the natural texture and beauty of hair, retro influences, and, of course, different styles of bangs.

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Medium Length Haircuts 2024 – The Long Bob

medium length haircuts 2024 the long bob

The classic long bob is a medium length hairstyle that is slightly shorter at the back. The never-lasting popularity of this haircut is due to its versatility; it looks good on women of all ages, regardless of their face and hair type. If you are not ready to cut your long hair but want a change, go for a Lob!

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Medium Length Layered Bob Variations

medium length layered bob variations

Medium length layered bob hairstyles are very feminine, light and playful, perfect for ladies with round or heart-shaped faces as they balance facial features. If you need to add volume to the hair and correct the oval of the face, choose a layered bob haircut. The good news is that layered bob haircuts come in numerous variations – with and without bangs, textured, wavy, chopped, etc., so you will certainly find the best one for you. In addition, you can choose an asymmetrical length or middle or side parting to give your lob a trendy twist.

Blunt Haircuts

blunt long bob hair cut 2024 hairstyle trends

Blunt haircuts are perfect for medium length hair. They are a stylish solution for straight strands, and you can play with length – shoulder grazing or a little longer. Choose the exact length depending on your face shape, thickness and condition of the hair. The clear line of blunt cuts is suitable even for thin hair. However, you need to keep in mind that these haircuts emphasize flaws like dryness and split tips.

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Retro Inspired Medium Haircuts 2024

retro inspired medium haircuts 2024

We have seen quite a lot of trendy hairstyles inspired by the ‘70s, ‘90s and ’00s for the past year. They will continue to dominate the trends in 2024: the Rachel cut, shag haircuts, butterfly layers, curtain banks, Birkin bangs, etc.

Butterfly Layers

butterfly layers trendy hairstyles 2024

Butterfly layers will remain among the most popular medium haircuts for women 2024. If you are not a fan of choppy layers, these soft and feminine hairstyles will be a great choice. The longer, sweeping layers will add movement and dimension to your haircut.

Shag Cuts 2024

shag cuts 2024 wolf cut

Textured shag cuts are becoming more and more popular every year. The strands are cut in a chaotic order, resulting in that trendy, shaggy look. The haircut looks especially good on wavy and curly hair, but even if your hair is straight, you can opt for a medium length shag cut; you just need to curl your strands, run your fingers through your hair, and you’re done.

Medium Haircuts with Bangs for Women 2024

medium haircuts for women 2024 trends

When we talk about trendy haircuts, we have to mention bangs, which are a separate universe. Long bangs will definitely stay with us in 2024 to add a little mystery and romantic touches to ladies’ hair. For example, a lob with long bangs can be styled in many different ways. You can choose middle or side parting and give your hair a new look every day. Remember that if you change your mind, long bangs will quickly grow back and match the main length of your hair.

medium haircuts with bangs for women 2024

Hairstyles with curtain bangs will be among the top trends in 2024. The bangs go with almost any haircut, from bobs to shags, and maybe this is one of the reasons for their popularity among women of all ages. If you need to correct the proportions of the face and hide some visible flaws, add visual volume to the haircut, and go for the long version of curtain bangs.

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