Trendy Short Haircuts 2024 – What Hairstyles Will Dominate Next Year?

by Kremy

Are you planning a visit to the hairdresser soon? How about looking at the main trends that will dominate in 2024? As you know short hairstyles are mega-popular and it is not a surprise that they will remain the hit of the next season. Are you ready to explore the trendy short haircuts 2024? Let’s go then!

Trendy Short Haircuts 2024: Choose a New Style and a New Look

trendy short haircuts 2024 for women of all ages

Naturalness, simplicity, and well-groomed hair – these are the pillars of hair trends 2024 for strands of any length. Above-jaw length looks fresh, it makes you look more modern, energetic and dynamic. Short hair can help you correct the face shape, hide flaws, and emphasize your advantages. Another very important advantage of short hairstyles is that many of them are rejuvenating, which means that mature women can take advantage of that and choose a haircut that will make them look younger. Last but not least, fashionable short haircuts are easier and faster to style, which is very important for the modern rhythm of life. Trendy short haircuts 2024 feature versatile hairstyles like pixie and its variations, feminine short bobs, layered hairstyles that add volume and texture, etc.

Short Haircut Trends 2024 Pixie and Its Variations

short haircut trends 2024 pixie

It is almost impossible to imagine the list of trendy short haircuts 2024 without the pixie. Being one of the most popular short haircuts for women of all ages, it will keep its top position during the next year. This easy-to-style haircut looks equally good on girls in their 20s and on ladies over 40 or 50.

Mixie – The Fashionable Union of Mallet and Pixie

fashionable mixie hairstyle 2024 trends short haircuts

The Mixie continues its triumphant march as it offers the best of two styles. It is longer in the back, with shorter strands in the front. The layered strands are super easy to style and give the look the naturalness and freshness that are so fashionable. You can choose between a shorter or longer version of the Mixie depending on your face shape and hair texture.

Bixie Haircut 2024

bixie haircut 2024

This trendy, short, layered hairstyle combines the best of the bob and pixie haircuts. It has the light and airy texture of the pixie and the crisp silhouette of the bob. Due to the fact that the layers give incredible volume, the Bixie haircut is suitable for both thin and thick hair. Do not hesitate to add bangs that will gently frame your face.

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Trendy Haircuts 2024 – Short Bob Hairstyles

trendy haircuts 2024 short bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are feminine and universal. They will never go out of fashion, and every year we see new versions of this classic haircut – with and without bangs, textured, wavy, asymmetrical… you name it!

The classic bob remains a popular haircut among fashionistas of all ages. It combines a perfectly straight cut and a straight parting on smooth hair, but new fashion trends have diversified this haircut by dividing the hair into side parting and styling it with curls. If you say that trendy short haircuts 2024 will be dominated by the different variations of the timeless bob, you are absolutely right!

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Blunt Bob

hair trends 2024 short blunt bob

A blunt bob is a very stylish, short haircut that makes you feel like a new person. A smooth, blunt cut goes with all face shapes and hair textures. This is one of the trendiest haircuts of the last year and will continue to rule in 2024. It is suitable for all face shapes and hair textures. As with almost any bob haircut, it comes with many variations – you can style it with curtain bangs, straight or side-swept bangs, waves, etc. Whether you are brunette, blonde, or have gray hair, this hairstyle always looks stylish and fashionable.

Short Layered Bob

hair trends 2024 short layered bob with wispy edges

The short, layered bob haircut is universal. One of its advantages is that it has no strict rules, and thanks to the layers, it adds volume and lushness to the hair. A layered bob is suitable for both thick and thin hair.

Asymmetrical Short Bob

2024 hair trends asymmetrical short bob

The asymmetrical bob is always a win-win option and a stylish solution when choosing a trendy haircut. Styling an asymmetrical bob does not require a lot of time, which is a significant advantage for many women. If you are looking for a fashionable and creative look, an asymmetrical bob is just for you!

Short Shags Will Be Trendy in 2024

short shags will be trendy in 2024

Shaggy hairstyles will also have a place among the trendy short haircuts 2024. They have everything to offer a modern woman – volume, texture, bangs, and comfortable length. The modern look comes from the tips styled in different directions, which is the result of the layering of the hair.


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