Honey Copper Balayage: 12 Looks To Adopt This Sexy, Ultra-Trendy Color For Winter 2023-2024!

by Kremy

New season, new look! Are you in the mood for a new look this holiday season? Are you looking for ideas for trendy hair color to try? And have you thought about honey copper balayage? It’s a very beautiful warm color that suits everyone and is perfect for winter 2023-2024! Here’s everything you need to know about this flamboyant shade!

What Is Honey Copper Balayage?

honey copper balayage on blonde hair coloring trend winter 2024

An elegant blend of dark blonde and brown, honey copper balayage is looking like the big color trend for winter 2023-2024. Done as highlights and balayage, honey shades are done more towards the tips of the hair, while warm copper is generally concentrated around the face to “warm it up”. And while this interesting shade seems like a logical choice for someone with light or red hair, with minimal bleaching, it can just as easily be worn by those with brown or dark hair. The pros advise, however, to take skin tone into consideration in order to make the right choice.

Which Shade of Honey Copper Balayage Should You Choose Based on Your Skin?

copper honey balayage hair color trend 2024

Flamboyant and warm shades like red, copper, pink peach have been super trendy for some time and many celebrities like Lily James, Kendal Jenner and recently Dua Lipa have already tested and approved them. And there is perhaps no season more appropriate than winter if you have also decided to try such a warm and interesting color. However, coloring your hair is not the same as following a clothing trend and you need to be sure you are making the right choice before taking the plunge!

Although honey copper balayage is a rather universal and flattering shade for everyone, it is recommended to always think about skin tone before changing your hair color. Hair pros warn: when it comes to choosing a copper color, those who tend to have redness on the face should choose their hair color carefully. In this case, opting for a balayage in which honey shades are predominant is undoubtedly the best choice.

  • For fair or pale skin: opt for a lighter shade of copper.
  • For medium-toned skin: honey-gold copper is a very beautiful coloring
  • For dark and olive skin: copper red seems like a great choice

Consider Your Current Hair Color before Taking the Plunge

honey copper balayage on straight hair

The current color of your hair is a very important factor to take into consideration when you want to do a dark blonde or caramel balayage with copper undertones.  The end result will not be the same if your hair is lighter or darker and your hairdresser can advise you on the best technique and color to use depending on this factor.

Honey Copper Balayage on Blonde Hair

caramel honey balayage on blonde hair coloring trend 2024

If your hair is light or has never been colored, honey copper balayage will be very easy to do and the final result will be very natural. However, your stylist will need to use more of the copper shade when doing highlights, because it tends to fade faster on light hair.

On Brown Hair

short haircut trendy coloring 2024 balayage highlights copper blonde honey

Is your hair dark brown or black? Contrary to what you might think, doing balayage with warm copper tones is not impossible, but it is not quite as simple as on light hair. If your hair has already been colored, it needs to be bleached first to achieve the desired result. The good news is that once the desired result is achieved, coppery shades do not fade as easily. And that naturally means longer-lasting color and fewer visits to the hairdresser. What’s more, it won’t be at all difficult to go back to brown if you don’t like the balayage!

Can You Do a Honey Balayage on Hair That Is Already Coppery?

copper and honey balayage on brown hair idea coloring trend winter 2023 2024

If you’ve already embraced the copper hair trend, a dark honey-blonde balayage is a great way to change your look without having to change your basic hair color. However, your hairdresser will need to lighten the strands to some degree and apply a dark honey-blonde shade to give you the desired look.

6 Ideas for Inspiration:

caramel honey balayage copper short hair trend winter 2024

Here the coppery shades are predominant

honey balayage on long copper hair winter 2024

Honey copper coloring on medium length hair

balayage on medium length hair ideas copper blonde caramel honey highlights

The result is simply sublime on a short bob

short bob hairstyle honey blonde balayage caramel copper winter 2024

Here the blonde highlights are done around the face to illuminate it

trendy hair color highlights honey caramel copper red hair winter 2024

Honey and caramel copper highlights on dark brown hair

honey copper highlights dark brown hair coloring trend 2024


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