Copper hair color – 2023 spring trends according to stylists to try this season

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Fashion trends change literally every season, and what was in trend quite recently, in a few months may become completely irrelevant. And this applies not only to clothing or accessories, but even hair coloring. According to stylists, the most relevant in 2023 will be shades of red and copper. So, let’s talk about copper! Copper hair color belongs to the red shades and consists of a whole group of undertones. It is so versatile that it’s often mistaken for auburn, red or ginger. Copper is a wonderful hair color and the palette of available copper shades includes both dark and very bright options. This is a unique hair color that can be sophisticated and elegant or bright and extravagant.

Who is copper hair color suitable for?

Who is copper hair color suitable for

Copper hair is completely universal and suits absolutely everyone, if you choose the right shade. There is no doubt that with your copper mane you will attract the attention and will definitely stand out from the crowd. However, there are some general rules for bright shades such as copper hair color. It is not suitable for problematic skin as it will emphasize inflammation, pigmentation and rosacea. Even if you do not have any skin condition, factors like your natural hair color, skin tone and eye color should be considered before choosing a particular shade.

how to maintain your copper hair color


If your real hair color is brown or golden-blond, then the copper color will look great on your hair. For best results, brunettes will need to bleach their hair before dyeing their naturally dark hair while light or blonde haired ladies can apply the dye directly.

wavy long hair copper hair color trends

For those who have gray, blue, or green eyes, copper will completely transform your image and emphasize your individuality. Green eyes and copper hair is an iconic combination. The shades harmoniously complement each other. Almost any copper shade goes well with brown eyes. Lighter tones create a fantastic contrast while darker tones will make your eyes deeper and more mysterious.

How to choose the best copper hair color shade?

copper hair color comes in many shades

Every woman changes her hair color from time to time, regardless of status, hair length or haircut. The color palette of trendy hair shades changes from season to season. The copper palette was popular throughout 2022 and has still not lost its relevance. Thanks to the variety of shades, every woman will be able to choose a copper hair color shade suitable for her skin type, undertone and eye color.

With such hair you can look sexy, extravagant or romantic. Are you ready to join the copper hair color trend? Do you wonder which shade to go for? From classic copper to dark copper and all shades in between, the market offers a huge variety of different shades. It is best if you consult with a professional to determine which shade will suit the type of face and skin.

Copper blonde

Copper blonde is the perfect choice for women with blue and gray eyes and light skin.

Golden copper

This is a warm, gorgeous copper shade. It is gentle, bright, moderately light and full of shine.

Copper red

Red copper is a very deep and rich, with dominating red for a bright appearance.

Copper brown

This shade is medium-dark and can transform any appearance. It looks very impressive and is certainly a real eye-catcher.

Bright copper hair color: spring 2023 trend

Awesome bright copper hair color 2023 spring trends long hair

Do you follow the latest trends in coloring? Did you choose your copper shade already? Well, we saved the bet for last, of course – bright copper hair color spring 2023 trend! Light and at the same time juicy, bright copper is an excellent choice if you are looking for a change of your image. And no, it is not red blonde, neither is ginger. While classic copper is a mix of red and bronze shades, bright copper hair color is more on the reddish-orange side of the palette.

how to choose the best copper hair color shade

This is a bright, bold shade that will turn your hair into a fire. Bright copper accentuates the depth and expressiveness of eyes. However, you should keep in mind that freckles become more visible with this shade. If you do not want to accentuate them, it is better to go for a darker shade.

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How to take care for your copper hair?

copper hair color spring 2023 trends

Copper colored hair requires proper care. To do this, it is necessary to follow a number of rules.

  • Dyed locks require special protection and need extra hydration. Plant-based masks with proteins help restore moisture and make hair silky and shiny.
  • Avoid sun exposure, especially the first few days after dyeing.
  • Use special shampoos, rinses and masks for colored hair as they have soft caring properties. Such cosmetic series usually contain pigments that maintain the saturation of color and constantly refresh it. To make sure your color will remain bright, use a balm for colored hair.
  • If possible, avoid using heating appliances like hair dryers, curling irons and straightening irons. Otherwise, make sure to apply a heat protectant so that the high temperature does not destroy the color pigment.
  • If you go to a pool, make sure to use a waterproof rubber cap so that the chlorinated water does not harm your hair.

beautiful bright copper hair color

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