The Jaw-length Bob: The trendy hairstyle that all fashionistas will wear in spring!

by Gabby

Do you feel like changing your hair a little bit, or a lot? The current trendy haircut for the coming season is the jaw-length bob! Taking inspiration from the classic bob, it gives you a modern finish with texture and bounce. This hairstyle is ideal if you plan to wear scarves or a turtleneck. This way you can emphasize your personality and add an elegant touch to your look!

Is the jaw-length bob the biggest trend in the haircut world?

jaw length bob haircut trends 2023 short hairstyles

To freshen up your hair immediately, the short haircut that ends at the chin level is very suitable. The new trend is called Jaw-length Bob and it is a stunning bob that suits every hair type. Find out more about this attractive hairstyle that is currently on everyone’s lips!

What is a jaw-length bob?

The jaw-length bob is a bob whose tips reach to the jawline. The slightly layered tips give the hair volume and structure to ensure a tousled finish with a softer line. The most important thing about this particular haircut is that it should be trimmed fresh all the time. In order for the super cool hairstyle to be kept as it is, you need to check its length often.

The jawbone bob refines all hair types and it is also suitable for straight and fine hair. In this case, the layered cut adds volume and gives a touch of elegance even to curly hair by giving it shape. However, you should make sure that the tips reach the jaw and that you cut the hair when it is dry.

If you have very thick hair, you can also thin out the curls. You can also ask the hairdresser to do a slight plunge cut so that the tips on the face are slightly longer than those on the nape of the neck.

The jawbone bob can also be paired with bangs of your choice for added flair. Consider Bardot bangs, curtain bangs, or wispy bangs to add interest to the face frame without spoiling the overall style. You have the choice!

what is a jaw length bob jawbone haircut hairstyle trends 2023


How to style the short bob haircut?

how to style a short bob haircut with bangs

When styling your jaw-length bob, you can choose from a number of variations: natural texture, waves, or sleek and straight. Since the last look requires more heat than most, it’s important to have a good heat protectant on hand. If you are new to this length of hair, consider investing in smaller brushes and curling irons to ensure you can style the length easily.

For the finishing touch, you can style the jawbone bob in a variety of ways. Add volume with a texturizing spray for a ’60s look, or get out the flat iron and combine with a shine spray for a glossy finish reminiscent of the ’90s. Either way, your look will hit the trend!

Jaw-length haircut for straight hair

jaw length bob for straigh hair short haircuts ideas

Of course, the ideal jawbone bob works fantastically in a perfectly sleek, incredibly shiny hairstyle. This is because straight hair shows the perfect finishing touch to the haircut and also the color you have. Use a flat iron or blow-dryer to perfectly straighten the hair and apply some shine product to the ends. And if you are still wondering between the short or long bob haircut, check out the 14 hairstyles that will inspire you.

Short curly bob

short curly bob ideas trends haircut 2023


Styling a bob with curls is generally very easy to maintain. The natural state of hair prompts you to use products that add shine and hold. To add extra volume to your jaw-length bob, pair it with a side parting.

French bob haircut

french bob haircut with bangs 2023

The jaw-length choppy French bob is a classic style that suits any face shape. It’s casual and natural, and is best styled with a flat brush and a little texturizing spray or light-hold hairspray. If your hair is naturally wavy, this cut will still look good, but it suits women with straight hair best.

Blonde jaw-length bob

blonde jaw length bob ideas haircut trends

Jaw-length bobs are the perfect combination of sassy and stylish. If you are bold and not afraid to step out of your comfort zone, we recommend micro bangs. This hairstyle can be worn straight and blunt or textured and curled. Ask your barber for styling tips to achieve your own look.

Bob with layers for thin hair

jaw length bob for thin hair haircut ideas and trends

A short layered bob is the appropriate haircut for thin hair. To create the illusion of fullness, a jawbone bob is great, with its blunt ends and multitude of layers. The short bob hairstyles are suitable for women at any age. Check out the short bob after 50 that you must try this year!

How to complete the look with a trendy hair color?

trendy hair colors for bob haircut 2023

The finishing touch to a modern hairstyle is a beautiful hair color. Go for darker tones to make your short haircut look rich and chic, or accent it with an on-trend bright color. If you don’t want to color your hair all over, highlights are a great way to spice up the look.


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