Short hairstyles for wavy hair: The trendiest haircuts to copy in 2023!

by Gabby

Short hairstyles for wavy hair are still as popular in 2023 as they were last year. These wavy haircuts and styles are attractive, modern and versatile. Whether you have naturally wavy hair or not, you can recreate one of these wavy hairstyles with a simple curling iron and texturizing spray.

What are the trendy short hairstyles for wavy hair?

trendy short hairstyles for wavy hair 2023

Wavy hair appears voluminous and dense due to its slightly S-shaped structure. It’s neither too wild and uncontrollable like curly hair, nor flat and shapeless like straight hair. Wavy hair means natural movement and texture. If this applies to you, you should choose a haircut that emphasizes your waves.

Short bob for wavy hair

short bob for wavy hair trends ideas


If you prefer to keep your waves even, this low-maintenance hairstyle is best for you. If you want to style them to perfection, apply a few spritzes of texturizing spray to your wet locks for a tousled look. The result is effortless and quick to achieve.

Pixie haircut for wavy hair

pixie haircut for wavy hair trends ideas curls

While pixie cuts work for almost any hair type, wavy hair can add texture and dimension that a typical pixie lacks. Women with wavy hair can wear pixie haircuts beautifully. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with loose waves that are easy to tame. Get a cute fringe cut that lets your thick waves flow beautifully without annoying frizz.

Asymmetrical bob for wavy hair

asymmetrical short haircut ideas trends 2023

This wavy, asymmetrical haircut is a modern take on the bob – a unique and edgy style. Sometimes a sleek, straight, asymmetrical hairstyle can seem a bit daring, so adding waves softens this look. But you can still make a statement. We recommend subtle side bangs to keep the asymmetrical shape from looking too one-sided. To get the cut, have your stylist add highlights throughout the hair on the longer side for an even prettier look.

Tapered Pixie haircut

tapered pixie haircut asymmetrical ideas trends 2023


This hairstyle is very easy to style and it offers enough length to play with the color and texture of your hair. If you have wavy and thick hair, this pixie cut will rock with a little blow-dryer.

Jaw-length bob

jaw length bob brown hair trends 2023

Layered Pixie bob: Sand color hair

sand color hair layered pixie bob trends 2023

The best decision a woman with short wavy hair can make is to go for this haircut. Additionally, you can enhance it with the magical power of layers. Not only do they accentuate the waves, but they also make them manageable for styling. Believe it or not, this amazingly voluminous pixie bob with its vibrant, soft waves can be styled in less than 10 minutes.

Pink waves for short hair

pink short wavy hair trends

Don’t forget to accentuate your waves! Of course, your hair is beautiful the way it is, but let’s be honest, when it’s dyed bright colors it looks extra attractive. Do you like those shiny and silky waves? This color combo is the key to flawless wavy hairstyles for short hair.

Wavy bob with caramel highlights

wavy bob with caramel highlights

There is so much you can do with short wavy hair. The curly texture of the waves looks amazing when you cut them into a bob. Add caramel highlights to flatter your waves and liven up the cut. If you want, you can add side bangs that frame your face nicely.

Wavy French bob

French bob wavy hair hairstyle trends 2023

This is a wavy version of the French bob. Signature is the length that falls around the jawline and exposes the nape of the neck, paired with soft bangs that graze the eyebrows while framing the face. The French bob has such an effortlessly beautiful look. This haircut is both textured and soft. It is low maintenance, easy to style and grows back beautifully. You can check out other French bob hairstyles to adapt in 2023!

Shot Shaggy mullet

short shaggy mullet hair trend style

Check out these short choppy bangs on a shaggy shaggy mullet. This hairstyle is all about texture, making it perfect for women who are confident and bold. The choppy layers, sharp angles and volume give this cut a unique style. He’s sure to make a strong impression.

Wavy bob and balayage

short bob with baleyage

Spice up your short bob with waves and balayage! This is one of the best looks for medium to fine hair as the blunt hairstyle creates an instant volume look. Try a 3/4 curling iron to add a beachy wave texture to your short hairstyle. Finish off the look with a texturizing spray.


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