French haircut: Check out how the French girls are wearing their hair and look fabulous!

by Gabby

When it comes to hair trends, the French hairstyle is among the most popular choices for women who want a charming and effortless look. If you decide you want this type of haircut, you will have that feminine vibe that we all want, and the good news is that it is low maintenance as well.  A French hairstyle often involves a natural and messy approach to styling, because French women often value the natural texture of their hair. Today’s popular modern hairstyles can be worn differently with a variety of hair types and lengths to achieve the ideal look. You want some French haircut inspiration in 2023? Let’s check them out today!

french haircut 2023 hairstyle ideas that we can try out blonde brunette red

What is a French haircut?

The art of the French haircut is framing the face and respecting the contours of the head. The layers should be flowy and smooth. What is the result, you may ask? This method suits both younger and older women. If you decide to try the French hairstyle, you will only need to wash it briefly and it will be ready for styling. There are so many ways you can style it, according to what you like, of course! If you prefer to style it by only using hair products and no heat, you will be able to do so! Why are the French haircuts so trendy? What is the magic behind them? I will try to explain this today!

french haircut 2023 short hairstyle ideas for brunettes


Parisian girls are always the “it girls” and nobody can tell me otherwise. They rule the fashion world, and now it turns out they will rule the world of hairstyle. If you want a total makeover, there are many French hairstyles that you can try out this year. Some French women prefer long hair with bangs to get an attractive and sophisticated look, while other French women prefer to have their hair cut short in an elegant style like the bob or the pixie for a classic and simple cut. Choosing the right French haircut can be tricky as there are so many different varieties. But that’s why I am here today!

french haircut for women in 2023 hairstyle ideas

Long hairstyle with bangs

long messy hairstyle with bangs haircut for french girls ideas 2023

Long, layered hair with fringes and bangs draws the attention to the eyes and adds structure and depth to the face. This long layered hairstyle can look chic or casual, depending on how you decide to style it. I mean, Emily from Emily in Paris have bangs now, why not you?

parisian girls hairstyle french haircut blonde long hair

You want to achieve the elegance of the Parisian style? Give your hair soft waves and bangs that will highlight your face features. After that, all that you are going to need is a striped sweater and voilà!

French bob 2023

french bob 2023 hairstyle ideas

What is the French bob? If you are judging by the photo, it looks amazing and it is! The French bob is a shorter, cropped version of the traditional short hairstyle. It has a blunt cut with bangs and texture for a beautiful look. This chic hairstyle is low maintenance and can be styled in a variety of ways, such as sleek and straight, with playful waves, or slicked back. If you are still wondering what bob to go for, check our suggestions for short or long bob hairstyles.

french bob with long bangs 2023 hairstyle ideas

You are not a fan of the short bangs? You don’t have to worry about that, since French bob can be worn with long bangs as well. Women with thick hair can weigh down their strands by choosing the airy, light and youthful look of this bob haircut. This will prevent the hair from falling heavily on the face.

French haircut: Shaggy hairstyle for medium length hair

shaggy hairstyle 2023 medium length hair how to wear it ideas

You want something casual and stylish for your next hairstyle? The shaggy haircut is perfect, if you have medium length hair. This classic hairstyle may need more maintenance, but it can frame your face beautifully with layers, giving you a textured look. Always condition your hair and avoid styling products that contain heavy creams. This will make your Shaggy haircut look more natural and messy in a good way. If your hair is naturally wavy, you won’t need to style it that much, which will minimize the damage and you’ll have shiny looking hair.

Short French hairstyle for curly hair

short french hairstyle for curly hair 2023 how to style it ideas

If you have natural curly hair, don’t try to hide the texture with too much styling! Believe me, many people want to achieve what you already have with products, and they are not able to. Embrace your natural curls and let them shine with this short French hairstyle. Check out different version of the trendy curly bob in 2023.

short french bob for curly hair haircut ideas

For this type of haircut, it is necessary to prevent the curls from getting freezy. We all love the messy girl look, but we don’t want it to be too much. Try to select the perfect hair products for your hair and make sure you maintain the curls correctly.

French haircut: A bob with fringe bangs

french bob with fringe bangs 2023 how to style it like the celebrities

Are you in love with the Boho look, as much as I am? You can easily achieve it by adapting this haircut. Since volume, texture and swing take a haircut to the next level, this adorable look works best with slightly thicker hair. Women who don’t have naturally wavy hair can use a curling iron to give the appearance of light waves. Salt spray will also be helpful for recreating the French Riviera beach vibe.

Pixie haircut

pixie haircut french style short hair ideas 2023

Remember that 2023 is the year of experimenting and finding your style? Are you brave enough to try the Pixie haircut? It is all about the natural hair texture these days. After towel drying your hair, add bounce and movement with a light styling cream. This step should be done before you style your hair, using heat.

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