Fashion tips for short girls: How is it possible to look taller?

by Gabby

Where are my short queens? I have been a shorty my whole life and even though they say “expensive perfumes come in small bottles”, sometimes it is a struggle. And I am not talking about reaching stuff from the top shelves, but also when it comes to fashion. There are many times when I have stopped myself from buying something that I like, because it is going to make my legs shorter than they are. I have tried different tricks and tips, styling ideas and basically everything out there to make myself look like the models from the covers. However, it is time to embrace my 158 cm! Today I am going to help you with the Dos and Don’ts for shorties. Let’s check out the best fashion tips for short girls in 2023!

Fashion tips for short girls: Is it possible to look taller?

fashion tips for short girls how to look taller ideas tricks 2023

There are many rules you have to follow when you are a petite girl. That can be very exhausting sometimes, however it will guarantee you that you can look taller than you are. The tips we are going to discuss today are not about not looking short at all, but rather not looking shorter than you are and allowing your figure to appear elongated because of the way you are dressed. Before we start, I have to tell you that you absolutely can follow all the fashion trends and make them look good on your body. Let’s dive into the world of fashion together!

What dress to wear for short girls?

eva longoria outfit 2023 dress for short girls black with a slip fashion tips


If you are a fan of long dresses and long skirts, you must choose something with a slit. These type of dresses are not only super sexy, but they definitely elongate your figure and make you look taller. Eva Longoria is one of my favorite petite women who always manages to amaze me with her looks. The black color makes the dress even more elegant and stylish.

Straight satin dress 

satin dress petite women small sizes tips and tricks for short girls

The Y2K style continues to make the buzz this year and in this context, the satin slip dress is all the rage on the web. But if you are looking for a summer dress that lengthens the figure, it is better to opt for short models. Combine it with sneakers, lace-up sandals or high heels depending on the occasion. It’s as perfect with a basic white t-shirt underneath as it is with a sweatshirt on top. You can accessorize it with a belt or enhance it with a hair accessory such as a satin scarf for example.

Long knit dress 

long knit dress 2023 fashion trends for petite girls

Light and super practical, this summer dress is ideal for your daily walks in the city. It’s perfect for travel, so don’t forget to pack one on your next vacation. Another advantage is the vertical knitting which visually adds a few centimeters to your height. Pair it with platform espadrilles or with flat sandals and you will be ready to go!

Fashion tips for short girls: What jeans to wear?

what are the best jeans for short girls fashion tips and tricks

Do you know that the flared jeans are the petite girls best friend? If you still haven’t got your hands on one of these babies, you have to have one in your closet in 2023! They are not only going to snatch your waist, but they are going to make your legs look like Kendal Jenner’s. These jeans are definitely a fashion piece that will be essential this year. You can pair it with so many things, but I suggest go with a simple white T-shirt and a pair of ankle cowboy boots. The jeans will cover the length of the boots and will not allow them to make you look shorter, because ankle boots tend to do that to us shorties. Did I mention that you have to ABSOLUTELY go for the high-waisted version?

Why should short girls wear high-waisted jeans? 

should short girls wear high wasted jeans fashion tips and tricks 2023

Why should you pay attention to high-waisted jeans? The answer is not just because they are trendy, but because they will certainly make your small figure look fabulous! Is there a right formula to follow? Well actually there is! The pants you wear should take up 2/3 of your entire body to make you look taller. If you are a short queen in your 60s, check out all tips for choosing the right pair of jeans!

Monochrome outfit

monochrome outfit gray fashion trends 2023 ideas inspiration

Monochrome outfits are the thing everyone wants to try right now. Lucky for us, they will not only make us look elegant and feminine, but definitely create the illusion of being taller. What exactly are monochrome outfits? You can find out more about them here and get inspired with what to wear this season. You can choose your favorite color and create the perfect outfit. The secret ingredient is to mix and match different textures and to try to match your shoes to the outfit.

Fashion tips for short girls: Crop tops

kim kardashion outfit 2023 leather pants with a crop top fashion inspiration

Who is my favorite short queen? Miss Kim K is certainly in my top 5! There is nothing that slays more than Kim Kardashian’s outfits in 2023. She has been trying a new style and I am loving it! These high-waisted leather pants are an absolute magic and we are all obsessed. But how to pair high-waisted pants? As I already mentioned, the pants should take up to 2/3 of your figure and the top only 1/3. So what better way to achieve this, than wearing a crop top?

Mini skirts

mini skirt 2023 outfit inspiration fashion trends for short girls

Mini skirts started gaining a huge popularity in 2022 and fashion experts are saying that the trend will continue in 2023. This is amazing, because short girls know that they make the legs look longer. If you want to try the mini skirt trend, try wearing a pink one. You want to know why? Because all of the celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Lizzo, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens are currently trying out the Barbiecore trend 2023.

5 Things to AVOID if you have short legs

If you want to learn more about the fashion tips for short girls, this video will help you out a lot! These are the 5 things to absolutely avoid, if you want your legs to look longer.

Outfit inspiration for short queens

ariana grande black and white outfit short girls ideas

Pink monochrome outfit 

pink monochrome outfit 2023 barbiecore trend

Wear your socks above the boots!

how to wear your socks in 2023 tips and tricks

Snatch your waist with a big trendy belt! 

how to wear a belt in 2023 is it trendy

Matching set with a mini skirt

matching set with a mini skirt green sage olive fashion trends 2023

Women suit: Cropped blazer and high-waisted pants

gray women suit with a cropped blazer trends

Wear a corset with a high-waisted leather pants!

corset outfit inspiration fashion trends 2023

Knee-high boots for short girls 

knee high boots for short girls fashion tips

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