Barbiecore trend 2023: How to wear hot pink like a Barbie doll?

by Gabby

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a trend that little by little is starting to take over the entire fashion world. I think it’s going to become your favorite, since it was inspired by none other than our childhood style icon – Barbie. Today, I’m going to give you a guide on how to think in pink. Put on your rose-tinted glasses, as it’s time to speak the language of modern trends! If you’re someone who loves the pink aesthetic, I have good news. The Barbiecore trend is here to take you into the world of our ideal doll we all wanted to emulate! Let’s see what are the outfits, hairstyles, and nails to wear in the Barbiecore style!

barbiecore trend 2023 outfits fashion makeup style nails hairstyles how to wear it like hailey bieber megan fox kim kardashian

What is the Barbiecore trend?

Created by Malvika Sheth, the Barbiеcore trend symbolizes everything related to the Barbie doll and her fantasy world. Everything from the clothes to the hair, and of course the pink color that will allow you to immerse yourself in her unique way of styling. We’re not talking about the regular pink, but that hot pink that will make you look like you’re out of a fashion magazine catalog. We see many celebrities adapt this bubblegum color to their outfits, shoes and bags as well. You will definitely stand out if you choose to try this new craze!

balmain paris barbiecore trend fashion in 2023 how to wear pink in style barbie movie


The Barbie movie in 2023 staring Margot Robbie

margot robbie barbie movie 2023 barbiecore trend how to dress in pink fashion outfits nails

Almost all of us had Barbie dolls when we were little. You must have an idea what an adrenaline rush it was to get your new doll, and if you had lots of new clothes to dress her up with the feeling was even better. I have seen all of the Barbie movies and I pretty much new all the lines. But the Barbiecore trend began to gain popularity in the 2019. In the same year, it was announced that there would be a Barbie movie with real people starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The release of the movie will happen in 2023. That is why it is expected this trend to become a hit!

margot robbie barbie movie ryan gosling release date 2023 real life barbiecore trend

Are you a fan of the Barbie doll? Wait until you see the movie with Margot and Ryan! These pictures were taken in June this year on the set of the movie.

Valentino Fall Runway 2022: This is how it started!

valentino fall runway 2022 collection barbiecore trend how to wear hot pink


The big wave of this trend washed over us when Valentino did their fashion show where all the models were dressed in hot pink. The comments didn’t stop, and the trend started thundering on TikTok with more than 15 million views of similar videos that featured the Barbiecore trend. During fashion month, we also saw many celebrities wearing this exact color and Valentino clothes. Not only then, but this type of Barbie clothing was their choice during awards shows, the red carpet, media appearances and many more events.

Barbiecore trend: Outfit inspiration

zendaya valentino hot pink collection barbiecore outfit inspiration 2023

How to wear hot pink and adapt the Barbiecore trend in 2023? Well, we have our Valentino queen Zendaya to look up to. She already has shown us many pink outfits on the red carpet to inspire us to dive into this trend. One of my absolute favorite is this on the picture. The hot pink suit with flowers, match perfectly with the Valentino platform heels. Of course, there are always more affordable options. Let’s be honest, we don’t have to wear Valentino to look fabulous!

Barbiecore everyday outfit 

barbiecore everyday outfit inspiration pink suit white nike airforce 1 blonde girl

How to wear pink in your everyday life? There are many options to be honest. It depends entirely on your style. As we know Barbie is always dressed to be noticed! If you are feeling bold enough, opt for a pink look from head to toe. If you want to feel comfy when running errands, grab your white sneakers and have fun!

Megan Fox Barbiecore: Idea for a Christmas beach party

megan fox barbiecore idea for a christmas beach party 2022 trends

Megan Fox has already proved that she is the queen of Barbiecore. We saw her in many of outfits that apply perfectly to the trend. The pink wig that she is wearing just makes everything put together. If you live somewhere where it is always hot and there is no snow, you can try adapting this look for the Christmas holiday. It is the ideal look for a Christmas beach party, don’t you think? You can check more ideas on holiday party outfits for 2022 as well.

Barbiecore nails

barbiecore nails pink girly style nail design 2023 art

I always say that the nail design completes your entire look! If you are planning on trying the Barbiecore trend, you have to match your nails to the outfits. How to do so? Go and ask your nail artist for the bubblegum pink color. You can try doing pink chrome nails design, since it is currently a hit!

How to do Barbiecore makeup?

barbiecore makeup how to do it LA makeup artist patrickta celebreties famous trendy pink lipstick

Credits: patrickta

If you are a “no-makeup makeup” type of girl, you will have to forget this for a bit. The Barbiecore makeup involves hot pink lipstick, shiny eyeshadows and a lot of pinky blush. Also, you have to make your skin look glowy. So avoid the matte makeup bases and foundations.

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Other inspirations on how to adapt the Barbiecore trend

barbiecore outfit inspiration fashion world hot pink style from barbie movie

Zendaya hot pink outfit inspiration 

zendaya hot pink outfit inspiration ideas on how to adapt the barbiecore from the barbie movie

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in the Barbiecore trend

megan fox barbiecore machine gun kelly outifts in pink inspired from the barbie movie

Hot pink nails

hot pink nails manicure ideas for 2023 how to wear barbiecore trend styles designs art

Anne Hathaway in hot pink Valentino 

anne hathaway in pink valentino platform heels sequins dress barbiecore

Hailey Bieber pink dress 

hailey bieber pink dress moment stylish outfit inspiration barbiecore

Barbiecore makeup idea 

barbiecore makeup idea inspiration from the barbie movie pink lipstick eyeshadow eyeliner

Nina Dobrev pink outfit 

nina dobrev pink outfit valentino inspiration trendy fashion style

Pink dress with feathers 

pink dress with feathers holiday outfit inspiration christmas new years eve


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