What is a chrome nails design? Find out how to make your hands look irresistible!

by Gabby

I know we keep saying that trends change and new ones come out all the time. But it’s so true and so great for us, because that way we get to try different things and find what works best for us. Nail art is one of the most tempting things to experiment with. There everyone can use a little imagination, borrow something from the trends and of course their own preferences. A flurry of chrome nails art photos on social media is set to storm in for the year ahead. This is one of the trendiest nail designs at the moment! Grab your coffee or your tea, and let’s check out what are the best ways to adapt them!

chrome nails 2022 blue and green ombre long manicure metal particals powder

What is a chrome nail design?

Chrome nail design is created by rubbing powder that contains fine metals, glass and pigment that will make this reflective effect. They are holographic and are absolutely one of the trendiest nail art at the moment. We will see them a lot in 2023 as well. These nails come in a lot of form, normally made with gel, acrylic or SNS. This is definitely for the ladies that enjoy something of shine on their nails, since this manicure will stand out a lot. It is believed that they became popular, once we saw them on Natalie Minerva, the star that plays Maddie in Euphoria. If you haven’t tried them already, make your nails chrome for the holidays!

silver chrome nails trends in 2023 design gel art long manicure


Hailey Bieber nails

hailey bieber nails candy cane glazed christmas design trendy 2022 long manicure

Can we take a moment and enjoy this beauty? I still can’t figure out the Hailey Bieber magic and how everything she touches becomes an instant trend. We can’t forget the donut glazed nails, and how every girl was rushing to the salon to get the same. Well, she did it again, ladies! Hailey stunned us with yet another nail art that became an absolute hit, and that is the candy cane glazed nails. They’re another variation of our now familiar donut glazed nails, but this time they’re in that Christmas style. Paired with the perfect glossy lipstick, they will simply make you irresistible! It has that chrome effect that we are all looking for in the holidays! These nails are reflective, shiny, and chic!

White chrome nails

white chrome nails art effect reflective shiny art design manicure

You loved the OG glazed donut nails? Then you are going to love these white chrome nails even more! Imagine the same effect of the glazed donut nails, but more shiny, more trendy and standing out in the best way possible! This chrome color is soft and elegant, it can be paired with many looks and at the same time gives your hands a very feminine look. If you are planning on having a winter wedding this can be the perfect manicure. It is not over the top, however it is one of the trendiest nail designs at the moment! It also has a little bit of the pinky undertone, which will highlight the white holographic effect even more. Let’s not forget to mention that white is the perfect color for a Christmas manicure!

Pink chrome nails

pink chrome nails long manicure christmas new years eve holidays art design shiny

Are looking for a subtle manicure for the holidays, but with a pop of color? If you’re a girly girl, don’t go out of your style. Pink is not to be ignored even during the holidays when red obviously prevails. Try pink chrome nails that will inspire you to wear bright-colored, cute sweaters that make you feel cozy. This chrome shade definitely goes better on longer nails and makes them look amazing. Are you still wondering what should be your next manicure design? Don’t miss out on this Barbie style!

Red chrome nails

red chrome nails ideas how to do my manicure for the holidays christmas new years eve

As I like to say, red nails are for those who feel brave and ready for all the compliments they will bring you. The Red Nail theory was a huge trend for a reason and everyone tried to figure out where the secret was. Well the secret is simply that the color red makes your hands look irresistible. But what about red chrome nails? It certainly gives that fatal woman vibe. This chrome shade is on the top of the category trendy December 2022 nail designs.

French chrome nails

french chrome nails trendy gold long manicure design art

Do you want something sophisticated, stylish and modern at the same time? Try this French chrome nails. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the classic manicure we’re all familiar with, but this time twisted in the most precise and beautiful way with golden chrome.

Other chrome nails ideas to try out

blue chrome nails with decorations very chic fatal woman vibe long manicure

Green chrome nails 

green chrome nails forest color shade art design manicure for the holidays

Color changing chrome nails 

color changing chrome nails chameleon green design art manicure

French chrome nail design with decorations 

french chrome nail design with decoration festive mood holidays manicure

Pink chrome combined with sweater nail decoration

pink chrome sweater nails decoration manicure for the holidays new years christmas

Silver chrome nail art with rhinestone decorations 

silver chrome nails with rhinestones decoration chic trendy manicure in 2022

Pink chrome nail design

pink chrome nails long coffin ballerina shape manicure

Light silver chrome nails 

light silver chrome nails very trendy idea design and art no decoration minimalistic manicure

Gray matte nails with gold chrome decorations 

gray matte nails with gold chrome decorations cats moon long manicure

Try red chrome nail art for this year’s holidays!

try red chrome nails for the holidays manicure ideas design style trend

Black chrome nail design

black chrome nails manicure for the winter holidays ideas

Ombre chrome nail design with pink and dark blue 

ombre style chrome nails pink and blue long manicure

Green chrome nails with gold 

green chrome nails with gold and rhinestone decorations pretty manicure

Pink chrome and french manicure 

pink chrome and french manicure winter nails ideas holidays christmas

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