Herringbone highlights for gray hair: What is it exactly, and what makes it so unique?

by Anjelina

For centuries, women have been looking for ways to disguise the appearance of gray hair. Nowadays, however, hair trends allow many women to embrace their natural hair color change. Besides the fact that gray has long been nothing to be ashamed of, it has actually been in fashion for a few years now and many young girls are also striving to achieve it. This often involves several visits to the hairdresser, but the results are stunning. In this line of thought, we want to convince you that there is no reason to hide your gray hair, on the contrary – make it the main focus! Today, we are going to present you the herringbone highlights for gray hair technique, which has been successfully popularized in 2022.

What are herringbone highlights for gray hair?

herringbone highlights on dark hair trendy look 2022

Herringbone highlights allow you to show off your gray hair with ease. This is a technique where several different shades of color, warm and cool, are mixed. Along with the gray tones, other lighter or darker ones are also added, often in the blonde and honey range. In this way, a wonderful combination of colors is created, in which gray hair blends perfectly with all the other shades. The highlights are added at an angle, resembling a herringbone, and are often very thin to avoid much contrast with the rest of the hair. Isn’t it wonderful to have a technique that uses each gray hair as one of many shades? In fact, many celebrities choose herringbone highlights for their hair, and there’s definitely a reason for that!

What makes herringbone highlights so unique?

herringbone highlights for gray hair stunning trendy look


As already mentioned, to achieve a good effect, the highlights must be thin. Although larger ones like the money piece are currently popular, the idea of herringbone highlights is quite different. They are brought in delicately and blend in uniquely with the rest of the hair. Each strand is wrapped in foil ensuring maximum precision. What is more, you won’t have to run to the hairdresser as soon as new hair comes out at your roots. You’re free to visit the salon whenever you choose, and until then your hair color will still be as flattering and pleasing to the eye!

Is the technique appropriate for everyone?

new hair coloring trend 2022 blonde hues

One of the biggest advantages of herringbone highlights is that this technique is suitable for any hair. No matter what percentage of gray hair you have, what your haircut is (short A-line bob or long U-shaped hair), these highlights can be adapted to any color and hair shape. The main goal is to make your gray hair look like part of a beautiful combination of colors and shades. However, it is necessary to visit an excellent colorist whom you trust a lot and explain to them exactly what you want. Leave them to do their magic – they’ll take into account your main hair color, the amount of gray in your hair, your face tone and also your eye color to create really suitable highlights that are just for you! Remember that this is a way to show off your gray hairs in the best way possible without hiding them completely!

Herringbone highlights for gray hair – inspiring looks

straight and chic look blonde combination

Herringbone highlights are all about embracing your natural gray color. Many celebrities have been proving this to us lately by choosing this exact hair coloring technique for their hair. In terms of styling your hair afterwards, you can use all your favorite methods without hesitation. An interesting hair color allows you to wear it the way you like it.

Elegant bun hairstyle

herringbone highlights elegant look hair tied in a bun

A great way to style your hair is by tying it in a bun. This extremely elegant look will suit any lady. It’s no coincidence that this is a classic hairstyle that has become a favorite amongst sophisticated style lovers over the years! The beautiful colors will blend and create a cohesive whole, and at the same time each hue will stand out.

Gorgeous curls

hair curled medium length hair

Herringbone highlights really allow you to style your hair to your preference. For example, it would look great if you curled it using a curling iron. You can leave the beautiful locks free, even without using other hair accessories or tying them up. Although we are sure that whatever you try, your hair will look great thanks to the amazing combination of colors. The curls can’t help but attract even more attention and positive comments! They will also help to blend the different shades in your hair even more. The darker ones create a sense of depth. Curly hair is also good when you’re looking to create volume, so keep this hairstyle in mind if your hair isn’t particularly thick! You’ll be pleased!

Straight and chic

straight medium length hair blonde gray honey hues blending together

If you have naturally straight hair or love to straighten it and like it that way, again, no worries! Herringbone highlights look truly phenomenal with any hairstyling. Straight hair creates a chic look, and the gorgeous shades are even more noticeable!

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